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by Henry Matthew Occupational Therapy for Kids

Sensory Bounce is a structured, exciting and dynamic group which offers Occupational Therapy program for children with special needs. This program was designed in 2013 by Miriam Skydell, a pediatric occupational therapist. First it lunch at Bounce U in Paramus, New Jersey and is now running In 15 locations from Connecticut to Florida. Occupational Therapy For Kids with various needs improve their cognitive, physical, sensory and motor skills and enhance their self esteem and sense of accomplishment.

Occupational Therapy uses exercises, activities, strategies to help kids develop the skills they need to become more independent. It minimizes developmental delay of kids. The therapy is carried out according to the child disability or condition. Sensory Bounce first evaluates the kid and then set out a therapy procedure to improve the processing and enable new learning. Occupational therapist of Sensory Bounce work with kids on many different type of activities like self care or activities of Daily living, Hand eye coordination, Fine motor skills, Gross motor skills, Sensory responses etc.

This Occupational therapy of Sensory Bounce facilitates and benefits children lots. It allows children to be dependant with their selves. The therapy is used for a wide range of diseases and disorders and prepares the kids to lead healthy and normal life. If your kid has certain learning and attention issues, Occupational therapy is a good option for him. It helps kids become more independent and better at completing task. It also applicable for those kids who are facing troubles in daily activities like brushing, dressing, toileting, writing, drawing etc. This therapy helps develop these self help skills in the children. Apart from that, it is generally observed that children with sensory processing issues are unable to synthesize information in the basic five senses that is sight, smell, touch, hear and taste. These children experience over sensitivity, under sensitivity or both at different places. They also try to avoid recess and activities going on around them. Occupational therapy helps those young ones regain the skills and addresses the issue in a proper manner. It is also beneficial for the ones suffering from Cerebral Palsy, muscular dystrophy and other disorders in which kid needs a wheel chair. In such case Sensory Bounce OT practitioner teaches the kids to use the wheel chair in a proper manner and do their regular works. Occupational therapy also helps the kids who are suffering from sensory processing disorder. Such type of kids faces trouble in communicating with other people, limited play skills, less interest in activities etc. In this case OT specialist help gain this skill by observing the child’s behavior and develop a plan for them. They include some activities to help with interaction, puzzles to develop coordination and awareness and more. Except that Kids who are facing trouble in gross motor skill and fine motor skills like movement of their muscles in arms, legs etc this therapy is also a best option for them. Sensory Bounce deals with the condition and eradicates it.

 Sensory Bounce offers different activities for different age group of children with several diseases, depending on the condition. For toddlers and infants sleeping problem in night it offer common exercises like bath time activities, sand water therapy, providing gentle massage, feeding therapy, activities using specialized toys to make them deal with light and sound, olfactory input activities etc. like for young ones sensory integration activities which helps child to respond more actively and accurately, coordination activities, visual perception activities, activities for fine and gross motor skills, miscellaneous activity etc which help the kids to be dependent on their selves.

About Author:

Henry Matthew practicing as a therapist and mentor in Sensory Bounce Therapy Program. His education and professional background in both the psyche and the body gives him a one of a kind and powerful way to deal with counselling. He attempts to provide Outpatient Pediatric Occupational Therapy and Occupational Therapy For Kids with customized treatment plan that can be incorporated into their daily lives.

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