Best Occupational Therapy & Therapeutic Activities for Kids

by Henry Matthew Occupational Therapy for Kids

There are a number of activities that can be organized for kids with several diseases depending on the situation. The Occupational Therapy can be managed in several places like hospital, house, schools, health centre, specialized center, etc. It is designed differently for kids of various age groups.

For Toddlers and Babies:

The babies generally face problem sleeping at night. The ordinary exercises that are included are bath time activities, delivering gentle massage, sand and water therapy, feeding therapy, activities utilizing specialized toys to create them deal with light and sound, olfactory input activities, etc.

Best Sensory Integration Activities

These activities assist kids’ response more enthusiastically and truthfully to the environment. The activities are planned in such a process that it makes a deep pressure on the child. These can be active or passive. You can make soft corners in the room using soft furnishing like a bean container which offers a wonderful deep pressure with a calming effect.

Another obsession you can perform is let him lie down on a mat or bed and plaster him with blankets and pillows to increase pressure. Or, give them pressure ball to squeeze, chew toys, etc.

Best Coordination Activities

These are planned for the kid’s legs and arms so that they can effort in an effective way. These are basically separated into two broad categories: bilateral and hand-eye coordination skills. For hand-eye coordination, ask your kids to hit a ball with a bat, catch a ball, etc. Bilateral activities give the capability to use both sides of the body in an accurate behaviour. You can enquire your kids to roll out pastry sheets from play dough, enquire them to pull a rope hand-over-hand, etc.

Visual Perception Activities

These activities assist the kid understand the information send by eyes to the brain. For form constancy and to assist them understand shapes put objects on a tray and enquire your kid to be familiar with them. You can also utilize any object at home for this activity. Use books to educate them dissimilar fonts and same alphabets of different size to improve their abilities. Ask your kid to draw shapes, lines, alphabets, etc. You can also utilize jigsaw puzzle to aid development procedure.

Activities for Fine and Gross Motor Skills

Fine motor skills are necessary for those who have difficulty using a hand, fingers, and forearm correctly. The basic therapy includes easy exercises of arms, wrist, fingers, etc., so that they can do regular work like holding a pencil with ease. Provide them protection scissors and enquire them to cut out shapes from the paper.

For gross motor skills, assist your kid with core and shoulder activities. These activities may include swimming, hopscotch, wheelbarrow walking, walking over an unstable surface, etc.

About Miscellaneous Activity

Other activities engaged in Occupational Therapy with kids that could stay them engaged and increase their development process are: painting with pom-pom balls, making a play dough puzzle, smash the dough or cut out shapes from it, place a coin in a container, etc.

In Conclusion:

Occupational Therapy is a client-centred health occupation concern with advancing health and prosperity through occupation. The essential objective of Occupational therapy is to empower individuals to partake in the activities of everyday life. Sensory Bounce Therapists accomplish this outcome by working with individuals and groups. Join now and avail this facility.

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