Nourish your skin with natural herbs

by Aaira Naturals Ayurvedic

We have been finding various solutions and products that will flawlessly make our skin look good and provide essential nourishment. One such product dates back in India from the Vedic times and has been hailed for its aromatherapy which can make you feel good. The desire to achieve a flawless skin that radiates and glows naturally is equally important as the beauty on the outside.  Natural Rose Water is said to have anti-microbial qualities that are linked to the skin’s balance of bacteria. Modern sciences now say that a good balance of bacteria is vital for healthy skin. The key to combat pathogens somewhere lies in the preservation and balance of microbes that support functions such as healthy immune response to allergens, or controlling inflammation.

Steam Distilled Rose Water reduces acne and other skin anomalies such as dermatitis, eczema which are now thought to be connected to the skin’s microbiome. Its antioxidant properties have been linked to protecting cells from stress such as UV exposure or environmental pollutants. On the other hand, its anti-inflammatory qualities help in relieving signs of inflammation, such as redness. Natural Rose Water supports the skin’s pH by acting as a protective barrier for your skin from acidic elements. One of the most essential tasks of any skin product is providing moisture to the skin and Rose water hydrates skin at the most simple level. Our skin keeps itself hydrated through the movement of water in and out of cells and rose water which naturally contains a lot of moisture helps with that.

Another natural beauty product that is native to the Mediterranean and India; Lavender is considered one of the most popular aromatic and therapeutic herbs. It is present in cosmetics, beauty products and a popular choice in aromatherapy. Steam Distilled Lavender Water is used for purifying, cleansing, relaxing, and healing while its extracts simply combine fresh Lavender with hot water. Lavender Water is considered a rich source of vitamins and minerals that are easily absorbed by the skin. This floral water also has anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making it great for acne and eczema by relieving itching and reducing its symptoms. Lavender Water is also considered to hasten the skin's healing process.

Steam Distilled Neem Water is yet another blessing for your skin from the Ayurvedic times. For all those who wish for a flawless and beautiful skin must know that it won't just come about without you putting in a little effort. Your skin needs pampering with natural beauty ingredients such as Neem apart from a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet. Natural Neem water is known as an effective acne combatant and a great remedy for beautiful, glowing skin. It also possesses antibacterial properties that help a great deal in keeping a check on breakouts like acne, pimples and blackheads.

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