Need To Have For A Party Wall Agreement

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A party wall is a shared wall between terraces, cramped houses, semi-detached houses, etc. which divides the houses and serves as the boundary wall for the homes of two separate owners. For a better understanding and perspective, you may recall houses along a lane or street in some movie which are continuous as if to represent a single entity and with no apparent separation between them.

If the houses also share a common space such as a garden or a lawn or land or anything, then they too are separated by said party wall surveyor.

Why is a party wall agreement needed?

There are any number of reasons that could be cited as grounds for having a party wall erected. It might be possible that one does not have a good relationship or rapport with their neighbors or anything. Apart from personal animus or anything that involves emotions, in some cases, it is only reasonable and the right thing to have a party wall agreement. Take, for example, land. It is entirely viable that a piece of land spread a large area has multiple owners. To avoid disputes in the future regarding one party allegedly taking up a piece of the other party’s land illegally, it is only practical to reach an agreement and have some sort of physical separation between the properties; in this case, a wall.

When is a party wall agreement needed?

If you are thinking of erecting a party wall to act as a barrier or division between you and your neighbor’s property for whatever reason known best to you, it kind of becomes your duty to have a notice sent to your neighbor intimating them of your decision and getting their consent as a reply for the same. This process of serving the process and getting permission is what’s called a party wall agreement.

Party wall agreement London is mostly drafted and served in cases of one or the other form of home conversions such as loft conversions, digging for a new foundation, or insertion of damp proof courses.

Drafting a party wall agreement

One may draft and send a party wall agreement in one of two ways. The first way is free which is achieved just by filling out some standard forms. The second way requires a third-party in the form of a surveyor who has to be paid for their services. The draft of the agreement should also be included with a letter of acknowledgment which, when signed or rejected serves as the legal paperwork for the acceptance or rejection of the agreement.

The draft and the letter should be served at least two months in advance from the date when one wants to begin the construction of the wall.

How much does it cost for a party wall agreement?

Like we discussed previously, a party wall agreement may be drafted for free if done yourself. However, if you are hiring a surveyor, party wall agreement cost becomes a variable. It differs from region to region. On average, though, surveyor costs vary between $150-$200. If you are going for a party award instead, the bill can be anywhere near $1000.

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