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AOL (originally called as American Online) is basically a web portal and online
service provider. The brand is subsidiary of Verizon Communications. Being a user of this recognized product, we always expect our emails to be up and running all the time. And there is nothing wrong in this. 
   Although AOL tries its best at some point in time, users get frustrated because of its issues. 'AOL not receiving emails' is one of them. It's, however, a common problem so don't worry. We can understand the pain of your constant struggle while suffering from this problem. That's why in this article, we have provided all the required information. Not only you will get details related to the problem, but also it covers possible solutions. 

 As per my knowledge, the underlined cause could be responsible for this nuisance. Go through it and perform remedies in the manner as suggested:
1. See Email Filter:
       In case, a filter has been created into your AOL Mail A/c, then it may responsible for this issue. Thus, you are recommended to remove the folder (as quick as possible) as it redirects those emails to the trash folder. After deleting it, try sending an email to yourself. This time, you will surely get email on your AOL Mail A/C.

2.  Understand Delivery Delays:
       Sometimes, the messages are delivered in the right way but it takes some time to reach to the receiver. Mail servers, heavy Internet traffic, or routing problems may lead to this problem. Here, it's difficult to ascertain whether the message is delayed or undelivered. The only thing you can do in such a situation is to ask your sender to send the message again.

3. Maybe your emails are in the spam folder:
     If you find the emails in ‘Spam Folder’ that don't belong there, then mark them as ‘not spam’. For this:
- First, log into your AOL Mail A/C. There tap on ‘Spam Folder’.
- Now, choose the message that is not spam followed by clicking 'Not Spam' option.
        Doing so, you will stop receiving the messages in your ‘Spam Folder’.

4. See whether your server settings are correct or not:
      Invalid user information may also lead to this problem. For this, you need to remove current AOL Mail A/C, if using it via third email client software (for eg. Windows Live Mail, Lotus, Microsoft Outlook, etc). After this, re-add the account with accurate server details.

5.  Solve Problem viewing Images:
       You may face this problem due to server delays (since many users access their email at once). Also, avoid sending the image in an unsupported format as the receiver will not be able to see it and you might need to resend it.

6. Maybe you have blocked the sender:
       It could also be another big reason for your trouble. It may possible that by mistake you have blocked the senders. Because of this, the emails they are sending aren’t coming to you.  If nothing is wrong with email filter, go for checking the block list. Fr this, navigate to Settings on your AOL mail >> click on spam settings. Now, if the email address of your dear ones is there on senders spam settings,
then remove it from there.

7. Issue related to Browser:
       To correct this, reset the browser once and you will start getting emails again. It arises because of
caches and cookies. Hence, for the better functioning, you are supposed to delete them (cookies and caches). 
Also, keep in mind to wipe out all the undesired information.  

8.  Disable Protected Mode:
       The problem of not receiving mail can also be attributed to Protected Mode. Go with given steps to disable
- First, click ‘Tools’ and then ‘Internet Options’.
- After then, go to ‘Security Tab’ and deselect ‘Enable Protected Mode’ there.
- Again, login to AOL Mail after restarting your Internet Explorer.

9. Maybe your emails are forwarded to another address:
       Guys, if have enabled email forwarding into your a/c, it simply means that you will not get any single email on your a/c. They will be directly going to choose one email address. Sometimes, they also don't get delivered there and provide users the return error message. The message could be like this:

1. Couldn't found mail server.
2. Outgoing server SMTP error (mailbox couldn’t be found)
3. Invalid information of receiver.
      In case, your sender is getting similar to these error messages. It means the email forwarding is enabled into your a/c. Go with below steps to disable it:
- Log into your a/c.
- Move to Settings.
- Next, tap email forwarding and delete the forwarding email address.
- At last, hit OK.

         Still, you don't get a positive response after trying these remedies. Please move to our help desk.
The team will help you in recovering the issue within the shortest of time. Just dial our helpline number ( 1-866-292-4631 ) for the fast communication with our experts.

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