Music & Dance Ignite Brain Development in Children

by Saurabh Gupta Digital Markter

“When the music and dance create an accord…their magic captivates both the heart and the mind.” – Jean-Georges Noverre, French dancer and ballet master

Music and rhythm become intrinsically connected to our lives right from the time when we are little babies sleeping to the soothing sounds of lullabies. As toddlers, we start swaying our tiny feet to the sound of the songs playing on the TV or the car radio. In fact, there is scientific evidence suggesting that children have a strong sense of rhythm, pitch, and melody even before they learn to walk or talk.

This reveals that music and dance have always had a crucial connection with the cognitive abilities and brain synapses of children. At The Navyandhra School, we attempt to build on these natural instincts of the kids through our dedicated music and dance lessons. Driven to get positioned among the top 10 schools in Gurgaon, we believe that creativity is one of the foremost aspects of education, and music and dance are among the finest forms of creative expression that holds a plethora of benefits for young minds. On that note, let’s delve deeper today into the impact of music and dance on the cognitive growth of children.

Practicing music and dance aids in faster brain development

Studies suggest that musical experiences in childhood accelerate brain development in children. The improvement is specifically in terms of reading skills and language acquisition. In fact, learning to play music in childhood years is also known to help in mathematical learning and problem-solving.

However, our Chairman Sir, Mr S.K. Vermabelieves that achieving academic prowess through brain development is not the sole benefit of music exposure and education. This is a form of art that ignites varied areas of childhood development and inculcates skills that aid kids beyond the boundaries of academic accomplishments. It helps enhance their intellectual, socio-emotional, language, and overall literary skills to ensure that the mind and the bodywork well together.

Music and dance also aid children in building motor skills while helping them practice self-expression. The sense of rhyme and rhythm developed through music, and strengthened further in dance, also help inculcate a strong sense of pattern detection.

Music and dance help in boosting memory, focus, and concentration

Another crucial reason for us to focus on teaching music and dance to our students is that it helps in reinforcing their memory and attention skills. We know that it’s pretty hard to get the little ones to sit and focus on anything beyond a certain time as their boundless energy refuses to be concentrated on one thing for too long. However, if we can channelize the same energy along the right path and help them in finding something that touches a chord with their heart and soul, capturing their attention wouldn’t seem that difficult anymore.

Thus, we, at The Navyandhra School, have given a special place to arts and aesthetics in our curriculum. We ensure that areas like music and dance don’t seem like an afterthought post all the academics are taken care of but are rather conceived as essential skills that actually aid in the holistic growth of the young budding geniuses of our school.

At The Navyandhra School, we have noted how engaging children in music and dance classes has helped them improve their memory skills along the way. As a matter of fact, recent studies in Japan and the United States of America have found that music not only helps in retrieving stored memories but also in laying down new ones. The effort and perseverance needed to remember every note, step, tune, and lyrics help reactivate the brain areas associated with memory, thereby improving its agility.

Beyond every form of growth and development brought about in our pupils through the way of music and dance, we, at The Navyandhra School, schools in Gurgaon  believe that the sound of music and the tapping of those feet brings immense joy to our young buds. Our well-equipped piano room, dance room, music room, drum room, and fine arts room are build keeping in mind this delight and happiness of the young artists of our school.

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