Motorhome or caravan - what to choose?

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It is difficult to provide a definitive answer to this question as to the caravan, on the one hand, and the motorhome or motorhome, on the other hand, have their fans. So what are the criteria to pay attention to in order to decide? If you ask camping enthusiasts, opinions are very divided as to which one, motorhome or caravan, is the ideal traveling companion.

The following information will help those who have little or no experience with this type of vacation to make the right choice.

But first of all: give yourself enough time before making your decision. Indeed, like a car, the purchase of a caravan or a camper represents a big investment.

The difference between Motorhome and Caravan


A motorhome, also called a motorhome, is a motorized vehicle, the interior of which is designed to be able to live in it. 


A caravan is a trailer towed by a car, the interior of which is designed to be inhabited. In other words, the caravan is not motorized and requires a towing vehicle to be able to move.

Mobile home

Do not confuse caravan and mobile home. A mobile home is transportable accommodation which, unlike a caravan, is not approved for use on the road. Most often, mobile homes are favored by long-term campers who stay on the campsite for an extended period. They are often offered for rent by campsites, for all those who wish to experience the “camping adventure” even though they do not have any equipment.


The caravan is a sort of habitable trailer, coupled to a towing vehicle and capable of being immobilized separately. Together, the towing vehicle and the caravan form a hitch. A hitch is always more difficult to maneuver and can result in additional costs on ferries or on toll roads. In return, the towing vehicle can be detached to be used independently of the caravan with greater flexibility at the place of destination. A caravan is more economical, but also easier to maintain and maintain since it does not have an engine. To know about caravan parts & spares you should follow Autoleisure.

The motorhome

Before buying a new motorhome, it is advisable to find out precisely about the different manufacturers and the products offered. Thus, the size of the vehicle and the number of seats will vary depending on whether you are traveling alone, as a couple or as a family. If the larger models offer more space, they are also more difficult to drive and maneuver.

The motorhome is an autonomous vehicle which does not need an additional towing vehicle. The housing superstructure rests on the base vehicle, the living cell is therefore fully secured to the tractor. In most cases, the driver's cabin is connected to the rear of the motorhome by a passage. On modern models, the integration goes even further since the driver's seat and the passenger seat can swivel and form an integral part of the “living room”.

Advantages of a caravan compared to a motorhome

  • A caravan is much more economical than a motorhome to buy and maintain.

  • In most cases, a caravan is lower than a motorhome. Therefore, height limitations, under bridges or otherwise, do not affect most of the time.

  • Safety: when traveling with family and children, it is of course most important that everyone arrives safely and returns home safe and sound. In terms of safety on board, a passenger car generally has more advantages than a motorhome (airbags, deformable zone, side collision protection, etc.).

  • It offers more space and therefore higher comfort than a motorhome of the same length.

  • A caravan has very few wearing parts. Therefore, provided it is well maintained, it can last a very long time and be towed by many successive cars.

  • Due to limited wear and low loss of value, the value of a caravan for resale is often very good.

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