Monkey and Crocodile Bedtime Story for Kids in Englsih

by Ceaser Sam Digital Marketer

One of the famous stories from among bedtime tales for children is monkey and crocodile stories. This story originates from Panchatantra which is known for narrating morals and life skills for children through animal characters.


Once upon a time, there lived a monkey on an apple tree beside a pond in a forest. It was very clever and sharp. The apples on the tree were juicy and self-sufficient for the monkey for its food. The monkey was enjoying and happy because of the fruits and their sweet taste.

One day, a crocodile happened to come to the banks of the pond. He wished the monkey pleasantly. The monkey also wished it back. The crocodile said that it was alone and wanted some friends. Monkey was good-hearted and so it accepted its friend request. It shared some apples with its new friend.

Soon they became close friends. They used to talk about many things while enjoying the sweet and juicy apples. The monkey understood that the crocodile is good in nature and started to trust it.

One day, the monkey gave many apples to the crocodile and asked to give its wife and children. The crocodile was happy and thanked it. It carried the apples home and gave to its wife and kids.

The crocodile’s wife was cunning in nature. Its heart is not good at all and always wants to do harm to others. Besides, she could not accept that her husband was praising that monkey all the time. The crocodile wife wanted to end this friendship.

It told its husband, “ My sweetheart, I am not telling you but I have been sick for many days. The doctor advised me to eat the heart of a monkey to get back well soon. Can you please get me the heart of your monkey friend?”

The crocodile was taken aback. It could not lose its friend nor its wife. Finally, it decided to help his wife and accepted to bring the monkey’s heart. 

It went to the tree the next morning and talked as usual with the monkey. After some time, it revealed that its wife loved its apples and invited the monkey for lunch. The monkey was happy and as it trusted the crocodile, it did not find anything wrong to go for lunch to its home.

It sat on the back of the crocodile and both started moving to the crocodiles’ house. But the crocodile is good at heart, unlike its wife. It knew that what it was doing was wrong and getting its friend killed for his wife.

The crocodile opened up and said, “I am sorry friend, my wife wants to eat your heart, so I am taking you for her sake, not for lunch. Please forgive me.”

Hearing this, the monkey was startled. It trusted the crocodile to be the friend and now it planned to kill him. But it also knew that he was good at heart and not so clever. So it said, “ Oh is that? How good to know that I am helping your wife. But you should have told me earlier about this. I kept my heart on the tree. Now let us go back to the tree and get the heart.”

Listening to this, the crocodile swam back to the tree. On reaching the tree, the monkey jumped quickly on it and said, “ Oh you foolish crocodile, how can anyone keave their heart at home? I trusted you are my friend and you  wanted to kill me. Go away never show your face to me again.”

Listening to this, the crocodile has nothing to do but return home in disappointment.

monkey and crocodile story in english

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