How to do Virasana easily?

by Ceaser Sam Digital Marketer

Virasana is also called as the hero pose that mainly concentrates on the quadriceps and ankles. It is basically a seated pose that helps in stretching the quadriceps. Virasana is performed with shoulders over the hips aligning with the spine so there is no cause of backache while practicing Virasana. This alignment of the spine helps in better breathing. 

There are many benefits to the lower limbs by practicing this pose. Hero pose helps in flexibility of the thighs, knees, and ankles. This pose helps in strengthening the arches of the foot as the main aspect of the position is to touch the feet to the floor. 

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One should not directly go to the virasana pose as it causes negative effects due to imbalance in the body weight distribution. Consulting a doctor before performing any pose is suggested as some people are not aware of their physical strength and can be affected by performing such poses suddenly. The practice of yoga is a slow process. It takes time to learn to position yourself in a certain yoga pose. This yoga pose is to be performed four to six hours duration after having meals and with empty bowels.


Virasana can be performed easily by the following steps:

  1. Take a position on the floor with knees together and both the feet touching the floor with a distance of around 18 feet apart comfortably giving space for the butt to be placed. Knees should be together and feet should be apart.

  2. Exhale your breath and lower the butt to sit on the floor between the feet. Adjust accordingly to settle properly.

  3. Ensure to sit in between the feet, not on your feet. The sole of the feet should be faced upwards i.e. the front part of the feet should touch the floor.

  4. The feet should be straight without bending into any side.

  5. Remove your shoulders from the side and place them on your lap.

  6. Stay in the position for a minute and then slowly release from your position.

  7. Put pressure in your palms by putting them on the floor and lifting the butt.

  8. Cross the ankles and move legs in front of the body and get into the staff pose.

  9. The staff pose is the dandasana that is the basic seating pose of yoga which can be done by putting both the legs forward and sitting erect.



People with heart problems and knee injuries are suggested to avoid this pose as it might be difficult for them to get into the position. Virasana Yoga helps in building strength in the legs. One will observe the difference in their performance in cycling, walking, or running after a few days of practice of virasana yoga pose. It benefits the quadriceps muscles. This pose helps in the proper digestion of the food. Virasana pose is considered as one of the poses in power yoga as power yoga is the advanced version of yoga with fast and intensive effect. It helps in strengthening the body and focuses on body development. It is less of yoga and more of physical development. Power yoga ensures more flexibility and is mostly preferred by athletes as it helps in improving their physical performance in competitions. Virasana yoga pose helps in physical strength development by everyday practice. The use of folded blankets or yoga blocks can help as supporting adjustment to learn the pose. It is easy and comfortable to sit in this pose but mistakes in sitting may lead to pains. The proper practice of the pose is suggested to excel in this pose. 

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