Mobile apps or Mobile websites - What is best for your business?

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For many years, we have witnessed that the number of mobile users is growing at a much faster rate than desktop users. 

In the internet battle age of mobile devices, mobile websites are receiving far less attention than mobile apps. 

Mobile Apps or Mobile Websites?

Mobile apps are the clear winners in this race if we consider the amount of time spent on them by app users. 

The trend had already started in 2017, wherein, the ComScore data had shown that mobile apps were leading at 87% of mobile usage time, while 13% of the time was being spent on web browsing. 

As per the statistical insights of eMarketer, there is no surprise that people spend 90% of their time using apps in contrast to the mobile websites.

According to eMarketer research, people spend two hours and eleven minutes per day using mobile apps and just 26 minutes browsing the web on a mobile device. Moreover, apps accessing time make up for nearly 20% of the total media time.

As time passes, people will spend more time with their mobile devices than they do watching TV or spending time with their friends and familyMoreover, smartphones account for 70% of that mobile time and that percentage keeps growing.

A mobile app gives a direct access point from the home screen of a mobile device. Therefore, building an app via AppMySite mobile app builder for WooCommerce provides a native app experience to your users. It is smoother and faster than a comparable web experience.

As more and more businesses are investing in turning their WooCommerce website into mobile app and are only going to increase in recent years, mobile apps are here to stay. 

The online world moves fast. Therefore, in terms of user volume, it is becoming increasingly clear that having an app is a necessity if you want to remain relevant in the market. 

Let's take a look at why the world has gone crazy for building mobile apps for everything.  

Advanced features

Unlike a mobile website, mobile apps can make use of all the different functions on a mobile device. This simply means that mobile apps can offer a level of interaction to users that is far beyond the capabilities of their competitors.

GPS, camera, and push notifications, for example, are just some of the functions mobile apps can give access to users. 

Afar as mobile technology keeps developing, this list will grow explicitly.

With apps, you can use push notifications. While users are consuming more and more information using mobile apps, you can use this feature to notify your users when you publish your app on the stores, or when any update comes. 

Anyone who downloads your app can receive a notification, and within a few seconds, they will all be enjoying your content on the app. However, the mobile web cannot afford this very feature to drive user engagement. 

Faster speed

As mobile apps are directly downloaded to the home screen of the device, users find them quicker to run.

With a mobile website, users need to load up all the different images and functions. However, with an app, you simply need to pull everything up from files that already exist on their device.

When the loading time gets absolutely diminished, users have more time to sit back and enjoy the mobile app in the way it was intended. 

There is an added benefit of having everything downloaded in the device. Users do not necessarily need an internet connection to use your mobile app. It can be 100% functional offline if downloaded content is enough for users access.


Mobile websites, sometimes, can be confusing if it is not optimized for your device, and may feel like you are navigating a minefield. 

Mobile apps, however, are user-friendly because their interface has specifically been designed with mobile users in mind. 

If you are looking for a solution for building such apps, AppMySite WooCommerce app builder can help you make a more user-friendly and interactive app for your prospective users. 

Mobile apps make use of a simple layout, precise visuals, and even tutorials, to give users a much friendly path to navigate. Your users will have an enjoyable experience that keeps them engaged with your app for long, and it will reflect well on your business revenue.  


Mobile apps offer convenience to their users by storing all their details. From the user’s usage history to its settings, all have been stored behind a button on your home screen of the device. 

Users do not need to log in every time they want to use the app. It is because they can choose to remain signed in. However, the mobile website does not offer this level of user experience.

A mobile app can make use of the different features on your phone. Also, it offers the potential to centralize different functions in one place, which is something that the mobile website doesn't provide effectively.

Self-contained environment

With a mobile website, you are in control of the content on your website. Added to this fact, if you link your content elsewhere, you immediately lose your control over it.

A mobile app builder, however, makes sure that everything a user could possibly think of, is integrated within the app, 

When a user can control everything using your app, it will be much easier for you to give your users a self-contained environment in the app. 

Brand presence

If someone closes their mobile web browser, in the case of a mobile website, your website will not be shown again until you click on the website. However, for a mobile app, even when a user exits the app, it will remain on their device’s home screen. 

This simply means that you need to remind website visitors about your brand. For mobile app users, your brand is in front of their eyes and they can open it whenever they like. 

Launching your app on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store provides an entirely new channel to increase your brand awareness, and attract new visitors to your app.

Wrapping up

Considering all these points, we can say that mobile apps genuinely win the race. 

Mobile apps are increasingly growing in popularity. Moreover, apps allow access to new features and create brand awareness, which is not possible using only the mobile website

Above all, today, people prefer using mobile apps over mobile website.

If you want to create a hype for your brand and capitalize on the considerable amount over mobile device usage, you should start thinking of building an app via mobile app builder for WooCommerce

To create your brand's mobile presence, get in touch with AppMySite today.

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