Mercedes-Benz: A Pioneer in the Luxury Vehicle Segment

by Reah Gupta Sales Manager at T&T Motors
Mercedes-Benz is one of the most renowned luxury automotive manufacturers. The company has a long history which can be traced back to the 19th century. This was the time when the horse-drawn carriages were a popular mode of transportation amongst people. Mercedes-Benz has a wide line-up of firsts in the automotive industry that not only provided the world with its first-ever motor car, but even took people’s driving experience to a whole new level. Following are some of the major accomplishments by Mercedes-Benz that are worth celebrating: 

The First Motor Vehicle 

The co-founder of Mercedes-Benz, Karl Benz patented a three-wheeled automobile in the year 1886 which is known to be the first-ever motor car in the world. Karl Benz was thus also the first-ever person to have a driving license. He received written permission from the Grand Ducal Authority in Luxembourg that allowed him to drive the first-ever automobile on the city streets. The car featured a 954cc gasoline-powered single-piston four-stroke engine that delivered 0.9 HP (which was considered to be quite impressive back in the time). 

The First Hybrid Car 

Mercedes-Benz manufactured the first-ever hybrid car in the year 1906. This was long before the concept even became popular. By introducing its Mixte model, Mercedes-Benz became the first automotive brand to introduce a pure hybrid car. The car featured a dynamo that was used to power the electric motors at the back while there was a gasoline engine that powered the front wheels. 

The First Car to Feature Brakes and Separate Suspensions on all Four Wheels

Apart from manufacturing the first innovative cars, Mercedes-Benz also pioneered various technologies that contributed to the safety of the occupants of the car. It was the first company to designate separate suspension and brake for each tyre which not only enhanced the safety, but also improved the overall driving experience. 

The First Car to Have Electronic ABS

Further enhancing the safety features, Mercedes-Benz came up with the concept of electronically controlled ABS (Anti-lock Braking System). They introduced this feature for 1978 W116 S-Class in collaboration with a German multinational engineering and technology company – Bosch. Soon, Mercedes-Benz introduced the ABS system in all the other models. 

The First Land Speed Record

Mercedes-Benz also holds the first-ever land speed record. This record was set by Frenchman Victor Hémery while he drove Benz No 1 and achieved a top speed of 115mph. Five years later, L.G. Hornstead broke the record with a top speed of 124mph. This time as well, the record was made with a Mercedes-Benz, namely Benz No 3. This record lasted for ten years. 

We hope that with these fun facts, you have now understood about the impact the German automaker has over the automotive industry. Also, if you wish to bring home your brand new Mercedes-Benz, you can visit your nearest showroom to know more about the of Mercedes-Benz price in India.

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