Men’s Health And Wellness: Treating Erectile Dysfunction

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It is never too late to start developing healthier habits and being in charge of your own good health. Like Women, men also need to have regular check-ups by a Health Assessment Doctor Pittsburgh to maintain their health and wellness. To achieve a healthier sexual experience, we men have to take steps to make nutritious food choices, manage stress coping mechanisms, and engage in physical activities. Regardless of your age or general health, if you are troubled with an underlying sexual condition and are looking for Acoustic wave therapy for Men Pittsburgh, keep reading this article.

Let us know what erectile dysfunction is and how it occurs in men? When a male is not able to achieve or hold a firm erection for sexual intercourse. This sexual disorder is quite common as we age but can occur to anyone at any age. Individuals troubled with ed know that it not only impacts their physical domain but also impacts mental wellbeing as well as their relationships. Though there were treatments for ED earlier, they were limited and were not generally productive for everybody. There are distinctive kinds of ed treatment alternatives available. But one of the miracle treatments for erectile dysfunction, which is getting all the hype is Acoustic wave therapy for Men Pittsburgh.

Aside from penile implant and lifestyle changes, techniques such as medications and injunctions represent on-demand treatment options for erectile dysfunction. Shockwave therapy can be a superior alternative among them all. Inadequate blood supply to the penis is one of the common causes of ED, which is called vasculogenic ED. Shockwave therapy is the most appropriate treatment for the man enduring this condition. Many specialists believe it helps in increasing blood supply. And eventually, one can have a firm erection for sexual intercourse. Allow us to perceive how shockwave therapy treats erectile dysfunction. How shockwave therapy works, benefits, and potential risks, if any related to it.

How shockwave therapy combats ED?

It is a low-intensity, extracorporeal shockwave therapy. A machine gives acoustic signal waves and mild shocks to tissues, similar to a lithotripsy machine that treats kidney stones. The idea is that you can generate a mechanical energy impact on tissues and can get expected advantages by animating the development of new blood vessels (angiogenesis) in the male sexual organ (penis). The stimulation of local chemical variables in the tissues - growth factor, paracrine signaling (cell-to-cell communication), maybe some way or another initiates immature stem cells. Till now, acoustic wave therapy for ED has appeared as a popular expression.

Shockwave therapy is different from other ED treatments as it treats the source of the problem instead of treating symptoms. The prime source of most cases troubled with erectile dysfunction is due to damaged blood vessels. Shockwave treatment triggers the body’s natural repair mechanisms to improve blood vessel health and increases the bloodstream for natural arousal response.

Numerous Health Assessment Doctor Pittsburgh claims that acoustic wave therapy has proven beneficial for improving the nature of erection in 70-80% of men who have gone through treatment. While a few men may not get the ideal outcomes, the percentage of men who get effective and successful treatment is a lot more. It helps to achieve and maintain a firm erection over a sustained period after the procedure is accomplished.

In the end

Well, yes, it is probably the best therapy for treating ED. But the problem is it is very controversial. Does it work for treating ED? That is a big unsolved query. There are several pieces of evidence of long-term benefits in men with mild to moderate ED. But the treatment outcomes remain investigational. You can opt for the therapy by searching shockwave therapy for ed near me online and choose the best-suited option for you.

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