Medica Blood Gas Analyzers – Save Time and Money

by Jeremy Linder Lab Equipment Supplier
Medica Blood Gas Analyzers are designed to help laboratories deliver sample results quickly, accurately, and economically.  

A blood gas test can reveal the severity of the respiratory failure episode by measuring the partial pressures of oxygen (PO2), carbon dioxide (PCO2) and the acidity (pH) of arterial blood. Leading laboratory equipment suppliers offer innovative models of these devices from top brands. Medica blood gas analyzers are user-friendly and automated models that save time and increase accuracy by eliminating manual errors.  

As blood gas analysis plays an important role in clinical diagnostics, especially in critical or intensive care, it is crucial for clinical laboratories and healthcare facilities to have reliable analyzers to deliver rapid and reliable test results. Today’s blood gas analyzers are advanced analytical systems that can simultaneously perform hemoglobin quantization and cooximetry, as well as measure electrolytes (sodium, potassium, chloride, ionized calcium and magnesium), glucose, lactate, and creatinine. The devices allow the complete analytical procedure to be performed with small specimen volumes. Advanced blood gas analyzers enable the easy detection and treatment of respiratory diseases and other abnormalities due to varied pH levels.  Available in different sizes and models with many sophisticated features, they streamline work processes and reduce errors in clinical labs and research facilities. 

Medica Blood Gas Analyzers – Accurate and Reliable

Medica EasyStat – This analyzer measures pH, PCO2, PO2, Na+, K+, Ca++, Cl-, and Hct and several additional parameters. It comes with a simple menu that guides users through operation. The device features Flexible EasyStat software that allows for the selection of desired options such as language, parameters reported, patient data, parameters reported, and more. Patient parameters, including FIO2, patient ID, patient temperature, %FIO2 drawing site, and other information can be entered using the digital keypad and integrated with patient results. 

With a compact format, modular design and small footprint, the EasyStat requires less space and minimum maintenance, and can virtually fit in any type of laboratory. Moreover, the disposable electrodes and reagent module promote safety and low cost per sample. Specifications include – 

* Storage memory - Up to 64 patients

* Sample type - Whole blood

* Sample temperature control - 37.0°C ± 0.2°C

* Calibration - Automatic or on-demand

Medica EasyBloodGas – Combining traditional blood gas analysis in a new compact format, this analyzer measures pH, PCO2, PCO2 and PO2 and eleven additional parameters. All the important components of the analyzer model are designed into simple modules, providing easy access for users. The quality control program calculates and stores complete statistics for the last 30 quality control results at each of three levels. The self-wiping feature of the sample probe provides convenience, sample integrity and user-safety. Other features and specifications include – 

* Calibration - Automatic or on-demand

* CLIA classification - Moderate complexity

* Data storage - 64 patient results with operator ID, patient ID, date and time

* Eliminates gas tanks

* Sample Type - Whole blood

* Simple menus guide the user through analyzer operation 

Find a Reliable Laboratory Equipment Supplier

Partner with a reliable and reputable laboratory equipment supplier for purchasing blood gas analyzers. An established dealer will offer quality products at competitive price. With an established dealer, buyers will also benefit from superior post-sales support for training and maintenance. 

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