Matthew Davies Shares Reasons Why Everyone Should Learn to Cook

by Ajay S. Ideas and Examples to Get Attention


Good food is the foundation of genuine happiness. When you eat your own preparation, it satiates your soul and not just your belly. If you happen to live away from your mom, you will be aware of the comfort that home-cooked meal can provide. With its taste, the food also carries a certain flavor of memory and that is awesome, isn’t it? That’s why Matthew Davies feels that learning how to cook should feature on your mandatory to-do list.


The Reasons

Here are more reasons why everyone should learn to cook:


1. It helps you to save money- Let’s face it. Dining out every single day can be a huge drain on your wallet. Cooking is much less expensive than that. Isn’t it better to eat a self-prepared meal and save the remaining amount, which you would otherwise spend in restaurants, to some more use? Plan an annual vacation or buy that phone you had on your wish list. Trust me, you will end up saving that huge if you start cooking for yourself.


2. It promotes healthy eating- You have used the ingredients and you know what’s in your food if you have prepared it yourself. This starts the process of healthy eating without you even having to try too hard. You tend to pick nutritious stuff from the grocery store and increase the quality of food. This helps, in the long run, to keep yourself fit and healthy.


3. Cooking is an art- Learning a new art can be very satisfying. It is a stress buster too as it infuses renewed energy and joy in the process of putting together a meal. Food is fuel for the mind and body and cooking it yourself is a great way to replenish your fuel. Enjoy the positivity you feel when you sit down to relish a self-prepared meal.


4. You can relocate without much worry- When the time to relocate comes, it’s the fear of leaving the familiarity of your daily eating spot and finding a new one that leaves you panicking. However, when you are your own chef, your skill comes in handy for you. So even if you are miles away from your native place you still get to enjoy dishes you have loved as a kid. The euphoria of feeling the aroma of comfort food is exotic.


5. You can be a good host- We all love that friend who invites us over and treats us to home-cooked meals. Be that person yourself and feel the happiness of others as they enjoy your food. You will end up having more friends and more opportunities to be with them. Get pampered by all the compliments and love showered your way.


6. Spread the love- Food is that one thing that makes an instant connection. Bringing over a home-cooked meal for a sick friend or treating friends to their choice of food reinforces a special bond. You just don’t cook a meal; you create love out of it. Spreading love and positive energy will boost your self-esteem.



Learning to cook is a win-win situation every way you look at it. Matthew Davies feels that nothing can bring you more happiness than a delicious self-made dinner after a long day at work. Enjoy the luxury of having one. 

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