Masonic Regalia as Symbol of Masonic History

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Freemasonry is the largest fraternal organization that dates it roots back to Stonemasonry. There are numerous Lodges and independent smaller organizations across the globe whose working is governed by this fraternal organization. Freemasons are a group of men who believe in core set of principles such as good will, brotherly love, charity, peace and goodness of all men. Masons live their life with high principles, beliefs and philosophies. Every brother in the fraternity is part of an independent Grand Lodge and the total membership count is approximately six million. Men of all religion and faith are free to join Freemasonry.  

Masonic regalia

Masons wear Lodge regalia to show their commitment and pride towards their fraternity. They are pieces of both clothing and jewelry and come in various different varieties. They indicate to which Lodge, order or office, a member belongs to. These regalia hold great significance in the lives of Freemasons. Members wear them on daily as well as special Lodge events. Some of the different types of regalia include aprons, gloves, rings, cufflinks, badges, jewels, pendants, key chains and much more. 

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Significance of regalia in Freemasonry 

• They are a representation of the organization
• They are a representation of what a Freemason stands for
• They represent a degree of exclusivity

Masonic Symbols 

To understand the history and culture of Freemasonry, a person has to firstly learn about its various symbols. Each symbol has a different meaning and significance in the lives of brethren. The most commonly seen symbols on these regalia include the Square, the Compass and ‘G’. The Square and Compass signify the geometrical and architectural pattern whereas ‘G’ is referred to as the Grand Architect of the Universe. 

Masonic items as gifts 

These regalia are given to the members of this organization as a token of appreciation of their contribution towards the Freemasonry. They make a perfect gift for your father, brother or friend who is a Mason. There is an assortment of collection of these regalia to choose from. You can also get them customize for your special someone. Apart from the regular masonic regalia, there are seasonal gifts as well such as books, watches, bookmarks, belts, cufflinks, bags and many more.

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