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Freemasonry is a fraternal organization and everyone has their own theory and explanations about this fraternity from Masons to non-Masons. There is no specific date when Freemasonry came into existence but it is believed that is dates back to the 1700’s. In those times, there were Stone Masons and probably dealt with the influence of Knights Templar.

Knights Templars were a group of Christian warriors who helped and aided pilgrims cross the Holy Land. Later on they came together to form a Grand Lodge in England which is considered the first Lodge of Freemasonry. Now the Masonic Grand Lodges and Lodges have sprung in various countries as the fraternity has spread all across the globe. It is speculated that in the USA alone there are more than 1300 Lodges. Freemasonry has a huge membership with some of its members even holding some influential positions in politics and other areas. To name a few, political figures like Benjamin Franklin and George Washington were part of this fraternity.

Masons usually refer each other as brothers and meet in Lodges. All the discussions, installation ceremonies and rituals are performed in Lodges. The symbolic teachings of Masons revolve around the lessons that were learnt during the construction of King Solomon’s temple. This is actually the time from where the term Lodge came into scene. In the winter months, when Stone Masons were unable to work due to extreme cold conditions, they built Lodges to take shelter. This is where the concept of Lodges is taken from in Freemasonry.

The backbone of Freemasonry is its core principles such as relief, brotherly love and charity. The organization teaches its members to be better individuals and involve themselves in charity work. Every Masonic Lodge has its own interpretation of the teachings and their own set of regalia. All the Freemasons wear these Masonic Regalia Products to exemplify their feelings towards their craft and fraternity. Each piece of regalia bears an important symbol which hold significant meanings in the organization. Some of the symbols are common to all the Lodges while some are certain to a specific Lodge. These symbols portray the Masonic history and the important milestones that they have passed to reach where they stand now. Some of the regalia include aprons, ties, gloves, cufflinks, pocket watches, rings, sashes, jewels etc. Masons wear them on the special Lodge gatherings and occasions. Some of these Masonic regalia can be worn on daily basis as well. This depicts how Freemasons infuse Masonic culture with their lifestyle. 

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