Male Breast Reduction for Firmer Breast

by Dr Kashyap Plastic & Cosmetic Surgeon

Gynecomastia or female-like breasts is much more common a problem than most men think. It can occur in males from infancy to adulthood. The condition is problematic and worrying for young men and teens as it creates a displeasing image. The condition becomes so worse that most men even refrain from being a part of gatherings. However, instead of living with this condition, you can get rid of it by simply opting for male breast reduction surgery. The results of the surgery are effective giving firmer and flatter chest thus boosting self-confidence.

When it comes to the cause of this condition, there is no identifiable cause even though the condition is mostly attributed to antiandrogen medications – medicines that inhibit or prevent male hormone usage by the body; use of marijuana, excessive intake of alcohol and hormonal imbalance.  In some men, enlarged breasts are consequential to excess fatty deposits of tissue because of obesity. Prior to undergoing male breast reduction procedure, it is important to eliminate potential factors.

Forms of Gynecomastia

There are two forms of gynecomastia – psuedogynecomastia, also known as lipomastia, and true gynecomastia.

Psuedogynecomastia indicates deposits of excessive fatty tissue and is attributed to obesity and a regimen of exercise and improved diet is recommended by the plastic surgeon before the procedure. It is difficult to perform this procedure in larger patients as removal of large amount of tissue can lead to scarring and the need to remove excess skin. True gynecomastia, on the other hand, indicates excessive breast tissue. Generally, it is firm tissue, however it can harden sometimes.

Both pseudo and true forms of the gynecomastia can appear either bilaterally – in both breasts – or unilaterally – in one breast. In either condition, the incision is made near the areola so that scar is less noticeable. In some cases, liposuction is also included to improve the aesthetic results of the procedure.

If you are considering this procedure then it is important to understand that the male breast reduction surgery is designed to improve the profile of chest beneath a shirt. Saying that does not mean your chest will be without any scars or you can remove your shirt in public.

The medical tourism in India is at boom. A large number of people from different parts of the world visit the country for different cosmetic procedures. If you are considering male breast reduction surgery in India, make sure you choose the plastic surgeon carefully.  You can get the best treatment at affordable cost.

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