Make Your Online Music Mix Loud with these 4 Tips

by Richa Jha Asistent Manager

For a music producer, loudness can be a tricky aspect. But, when you are producing dance songs or EDM, then maximum loudness is a necessary condition. 

In the 21st centuryworld of music online there has been an ongoing debate around the MP3 songs about their loudness and dynamic. But with the changing business model (thanks to online music) and gaining popularity of dance numbers, mixing loud music has become a trend. 

With these 4 tips you can also get it right at the mixing stage to showcase your talent on social networking websites


1.      Re-adjust channel volume faders –


If your volume levels are not balanced, the sound dynamics in mp3 songs will be all over the place. Do the following:


a.)    With the help of spectrum analyzer see where the problem lies

b.)    Adjust the channel volume faders

c.)    Reduce the sub-bass as it eats up a lot of energy. Bringing down sub-bass will create room for loudness in the online music 


2.      Make EQ Adjustments –


Equalizers or EQ are filters that adjust the loudness of different frequencies. Most of the online streaming services carry this option. When you listen mp3 online, you can get a demo of a few EQ settings.


While working on your DAW (Digital Audio Workstation), remove boominess and excessive brightness from your songs onlinewherever necessary.


Use tools like TDR Nova Plugin to remove low end from Vox and Atmo tracks. Most online music producers use them to get a richer and more defined sound 


3.      Check Excessive Peaks –


Once the basic levels and EQ is sorted, turn your attention to removing excessive peaks. By checking this part, you can push more RMS energy to the master fader without clipping it.


Use free plugin such as Limiter no 6 for compression, limiting. The overall crest factor will push up once you do this. Make sure to not affect the overall tonal character of your latest music songs 


4.      Apply Distortion –


Audiophiles usually discuss distortion in a negative sense on most social networking websites. You might be shocked to know this, but distortion can be used in a positive manner while mixing youronline music.


It builds up the harmonic content to your mp3 songs. It also increases their perceived loudness when the play as music online. Use saturation and cut through the mix. This applies to the vocals, drums, guitar and lead synths. Plugins like Magneto II on Cubase or Lo-Fi on ProTools can get good saturation. 


Try out these 4 tips one by one as it is not always necessary that all four of them will be needed for your music online. Also, do remember to save each setting while working on your DAW.


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