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Make Him A Monogamy JunkieMake Him A Monogamy Junkie
Make Him A Monogamy Junkie is a welcome reminder for women that when it comes to relationships, you are not a victim of men. That is, you can proactively do something to get exactly the relationship you want (and deserve). The program also reminds (and teaches) you that in your power lies the secret to finding a loyal man whom you can spend the rest of your life with. Gloria Lee is a relationship adviser hailed due to exceptional ability to learn the male psychology particularly matters monogamy, commitment and the science behind a man’s desire to settle down, and most importantly commit to a lifelong relationship with a single woman. Gloria Lee claims that there is a certain “commitment chemical” in a man’s mind that could make him intensely addicted and loyal to you. This chemical is norepinephrine. The best part about Make Him A Monogamy Junkie is that it correctly encourages and encourages you to properly establish your personality from within. If you follow the program, it can be the perfect means to establish your sense of self-confidence and identity.Make Him A Monogamy Junkie

Turns out there is an actual “commitment chemical” in the male mind. It is strong than any alcohol or any addiction and physically shuts down the male brian’s ability to feel dislike or negative thoughts. This can chemically make any man addicted to you. She then contacted neurobiologist and human behavior experts regarding the truth about this chemical. Due to this discovery, she was able to find out how to trigger these chemicals, how to use it to your advantage and so much more. This program will really help you get inside a man’s head and understand how they think, and why they behave the way they do… as well as what makes them want to stay with a woman forever. Specifically, you’ll learn over 30 different phrases, methods and tricks to make your man madly in love with you. There are also worksheets and exercises that make you internalize the teachings on a deeper level and make them a part of who you are.Make Him A Monogamy Junkie

This program is designed for women and will teach the psychology behind the male mind. It will teach you to become much more likable by men and have then become obsessed with you. The Monogamy Junkie guide teaches you the secrets of how a guy’s mind works and what he really wants. Chances are he doesn’t even know it himself, or just can’t bring himself to ask out of some macho pride or manly stubbornness. It’s the ultimate guide for a woman looking to understand how men work and how you need to treat them in order to make them stay loyal. Make Him A Monogamy Junkie program teaches you about the chemistry of love. The man’s mind is described and explained in detail for women to learn. Make Him A Monogamy Junkie program also teaches the secrets to making him infatuate on you – to the extent of leaving him no choice than sticking with you forever. You will learn how to decode a male’s mindset. This book will make you understand them without having to ask what is going on their minds. You’ll also learn several techniques to making him like and love you. Finally, you’ll also learn about some of the romantic ideas you might not have come across.

When you purchase the Make Him A Monogamy Junkie program, you’ll get a list of done-for-you scripts that are really easy to use. In addition, Gloria Lee divided her main guide into different chapters for easier application of her methods. In addition to the main guide, it is also important to note that there are 4 special bonuses offered by Gloria Lee as part of her Make Him A Monogamy Junkie course. Overall, if you try to find a step-by-step guide that contains powerful methods which will help you make your guy desire you and allow you to build healthy long-lasting relationship with him, then “Make Him A Monogamy Junkie” is a course that you should definitely consider trying.

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The famous cartoonist Zhu Deyong suffers from Asperger's disease, a type of autism without intellectual disability. "People with Asperger's disease have a little deviation in communicating with the outside world. They think that they have made it clear, and that they have received it, but they have not.

When he was a child, he didn’t know that he had this disease. He only knew that he was trapped in this world. “There is no place or one to welcome me. Adults don’t have any confidence in me.” He didn’t understand himself until he was 53 years old. He is a patient, and his father also has this disease. "From that moment, I forgave myself."

He felt that he was born a cartoonist, because he had been discriminated against since he was a child, hiding in a corner where no one paid attention, just to see the world clearly. Painting is what he is talking about, talking about this understanding of the world, too much disappointment and doubt about human nature, but it has become the most pungent element in comics. In the end, it was the misunderstandings and injuries from his parents, relatives, teachers, military, and friends who made his comic career complete.

These are all negative energies. Negative energies shape the human skeleton, but what is built into those fresh flesh and blood that makes people really come alive is love.

In 1988, when Zhu Deyong was 28 years old, he became famous in Taiwan with "Double Ring Cannon". He met his wife Feng Manlun. At that time, Feng Manlun was the editor-in-chief of the colorful edition of Taiwan’s "United Daily News," and they met because of the draft. The first time I met was in the restaurant, Zhu Deyong fell in love at first sight only seeing 1/3 of Feng Manlun's face. Feng Manlun was curious about him before. After meeting him, he felt that he was just a child, or the kind of "death and not serious".

Feng Manlun is 6 years older than Zhu Deyong. She has an independent personality and doesn't care about public opinion. She just doesn't want to marry a boy younger than herself. She wants to fall in love without getting married. Zhu Deyong disagrees. He drew "Double Cannon", which subverted people’s original impression of the sacred sense of marriage and drew people’s fear of marriage. However, when he met the right person, he still wanted to get married, willingly stepping into his own "pig and dog". Not as good as in the marriage.

Their wedding was very simple. They didn’t have a wedding photo, and they didn’t buy wedding rings. They only exchanged rings during the notarized marriage and went to Yinlou to buy a 300 yuan K gold. Feng Manlun joked that it was too cheap. Zhu Deyong said that he would buy it for you. Two, so they ended up strangely having three wedding rings.

In addition to being his wife, she also wants to be his partner, lover and mother. Zhu Deyong’s mother has preferred his brother since he was a child, and has always been like this throughout his life. Even when his comic career was at its best, he still felt that his mother was not proud of himself. “People will only be proud of the people he likes, even if they are not proud. Will find a way to find reasons to be proud.” This makes Zhu Deyong always in the process of lack of love, and Feng Manlun's existence is to make up for this defect. "My wife is like my boxing coach, she will always put me in the best condition, so she is the person around me who pays the most attention to my growth."

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Zhu Deyong dislikes dealing with people the most. Walking on the road, if someone asks if you are Mr. Zhu, he will say no and then run away. It was Feng Manlun who told him patiently that it shouldn't be like this. People asked you to have recognized you. When someone asks this question later, he will say yes and then run away. He always clings to his wife, "Before, my wife used to let me go out alone, but I walked aimlessly around the street with straight eyes, and then went home to look for my wife."

After the marriage had a child, Zhu Deyong squatted in the corner without talking for three days. He does not hate children, but is afraid of children, afraid of seeing his unhappy childhood in his son. Feng Manlun sighed and said, "I will raise this child." Zhu Deyong's affection for his son is slowly developed. "It is hard to say when this kind of love began. It is like a trace of toxin. Accumulate slowly."

After you have feelings for your child, love is out of control. But he still doesn't know how to be a father. When his son slapped him when he was young, he slapped his son back. When playing games, he not only would not let his son be, but he would also scare him and make him cry and go to his mother to complain. The wife told her son, “In fact, there is a child smaller than you lives in your father's body.” The son stopped crying later and learned to let his father. Now his son is in his 20s and has become more mature, but Zhu Deyong felt , I still haven't grown up.

Zhu Deyong has never painted his wife, and he does not express his feelings like ordinary people. The way he handles negative emotions is to hold back, and if he can't hold back, he asks his wife, "Shall we talk, I'm very annoying." He won't give her anything. The way to love is to spend more time with her. "My wife and I spend a lot of time together. Compared with the average couple, we may spend three times as much time together as others." He also has his own exclusive way of showing love, which is to get up early to draw and eat after breakfast. When his wife got up and asked him to accompany him to eat breakfast, he would eat another meal with her.

He is a child, only this silent love of two breakfasts a day.

It is not easy to love a child, how many women can bear such a moment of unconstrained man who doesn’t even understand the world, even if he has such abundant talents. Feng Manlun is fine, because she is also a child in her bones, just a child who likes to take care of others, and they get along as a pair of children. Feng Manlun described this kind of getting along as "two children who have been looking for each other for a lifetime, and finally meet each other, so they play with each other every day!" When they are in love, the two will skip work together because of the reason "the weather is good today".

They still become a loving couple, passing through the bustling rush hour in Taipei, Zhu Deyong and Feng Manlun are always clinging to each other. Feng Manlun will help him take care of all the big and small things of Zhu Deyong. He only paints, and she will tell him when to continue and when to stop.

For this purpose, the husband and wife are already in harmony, and it is difficult to separate.

Feng Xiaogang and Xu Fan are also such a couple. A friend said that it was Xu Fan who saved Feng Xiaogang and turned him into a person with requirements for life. "Before he was a stinky kid, Xu Feng actually sometimes cares about him like a child, taking care of all aspects of his life. He feels that he will never be separated from Xu Fan in his life, no matter what kind of twists and turns he encounters. , What a mess of ups and downs, he thinks this woman can die for him."

Before the public, Xu Fan always looks like a loyal guardian. Feng Xiaogang also respects her very much and calls her "Ms. Xu". In recent years, Feng Xiaogang's movies and his "small steel cannon" style have been controversial. Xu Fan is the most uncomfortable person. "I am very worried, and often worry. He is in the face, and I feel distressed for fear of hurting him." Feng Xiaogang was depressed because of the affair of the movie, and he fell a cup on the spot. Xu Fan cried at the time, "He is really a warrior I admire, but he is the child I worry about most."

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Xu Fan tried to make more people understand Feng Xiaogang, and didn't want Feng Xiaogang to make too many enemies because of his sharp words, but when something happened, she still tolerated his "discretion" like a child. During the period when the film "Private Order" was being bombarded, Feng Xiaogang posted seven Weibo posts in a row to defend herself, but Xu Fan ignored it. She said: "You scold it, it's all happy, I will do my family's pleasure first. "

I have to admit that Feng Xiaogang's film creation in the past few years has been in decline. He has reached a bottleneck in commercial films and has not taken a place in serious films. In terms of art, he has begun to decline. But the outside world is declining, fame and fortune wither, and there is a person who admires you when you return home, a person who is loyal and tolerant of you, he is still happy.

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Hong Kong movie tycoon Xiang Huaqiang’s mother is cowardly. Although she is married to a man known as the “Kowloon Emperor” of Hong Kong, she is the wife of the third room. She can't fight for anything good and is very poor. Among the 13 children born to his father, Xiang Huaqiang received the best care. He didn't even have the impression of his father touching his head. He only wore new clothes every Chinese New Year. When he later chose marriage, he specifically chose a strong woman, "Strong but reasonable, and strong to solve problems is very powerful."

His second wife, Chen Lan, founded China Star with him. After more than 30 years of hard work, he has become an irreplaceable person in his life. Chen Lan puts Xiang Huaqiang first in everything, manages his life in every detail, and is responsible for foreign contacts. She stands up and speaks for everything that concerns Xiang Huaqiang. In the so-called incident of Zhou Xingchi being hacked, she has repeatedly made fierce remarks, and everyone knows her husband's heart.

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Although many people joke that her guardian has no limits, she voluntarily acts as a man's vassal. But it is reasonable for a woman to protect her husband. What's more, she is not only a loyal guardian of her husband, she is also his assistant and partner, his career is half of hers, right and wrong aside, she is also defending her faith and career. Xiang Huaqiang can't imagine what life would be like without Mrs. Xiang, "I am too dependent on her now, for example: where I personally go, I can't figure it out without her."

Find someone who is the same as you
In marriage, what a man should be like, what a woman should be, we have too many restrictions to define, in fact, what does it matter? There are no certain rules in life. Some are just suitable and inappropriate. If you like to take care of people, find someone who is willing to be taken care of; if you are innocent by nature, find someone who will protect your innocence; if you like fame and fortune, find someone who is also passionate about chasing fame and fortune. The world is so big, there is always someone with you.

And a bad marriage is not necessarily two bad guys together. It's mostly because two people who don't match up have to be tied to the carriage of a marriage. Even if they don't derail, they will struggle. Zhu Deyong said that he used animal instinct to find his other half, and he was very successful. Yes, animals are the smartest in this respect. They express their needs in the most primitive way. Whether they can attract each other and whether they can be of the same kind is judged by instinct, but they become the strongest kind. relationship.

Some people describe marriage as an air disaster. Most people will "hang up", and those who survive are happy survivors. The long journey of life, getting along with each other, marriage and marriage is a real big wave. In the end, those closely connected people have true love and truly appropriate choices.

Look for the person who is the same as you, just like a gift shop selling sets of small dolls, which are not sold when they are taken apart. They are destined to be together in this life. In terms of color and accessories, they all seem inconspicuous, but in fact they are a well-designed fit. If you lose any of them, they lose their original value.

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