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Make Him A Monogamy JunkieMake Him A Monogamy Junkie is a welcome reminder for women that when it comes to relationships, you are not a victim of men. That is, you can proactively do something to get exactly the relationship you want (and deserve). The program also reminds (and teaches) you that in your power lies the secret to finding a loyal man whom you can spend the rest of your life with. Gloria Lee is a relationship adviser hailed due to exceptional ability to learn the male psychology particularly matters monogamy, commitment and the science behind a man’s desire to settle down, and most importantly commit to a lifelong relationship with a single woman. Gloria Lee claims that there is a certain “commitment chemical” in a man’s mind that could make him intensely addicted and loyal to you. This chemical is norepinephrine. The best part about Make Him A Monogamy Junkie is that it correctly encourages and encourages you to properly establish your personality from within. If you follow the program, it can be the perfect means to establish your sense of self-confidence and identity.Make Him A Monogamy Junkie

Turns out there is an actual “commitment chemical” in the male mind. It is strong than any alcohol or any addiction and physically shuts down the male brian’s ability to feel dislike or negative thoughts. This can chemically make any man addicted to you. She then contacted neurobiologist and human behavior experts regarding the truth about this chemical. Due to this discovery, she was able to find out how to trigger these chemicals, how to use it to your advantage and so much more. This program will really help you get inside a man’s head and understand how they think, and why they behave the way they do… as well as what makes them want to stay with a woman forever. Specifically, you’ll learn over 30 different phrases, methods and tricks to make your man madly in love with you. There are also worksheets and exercises that make you internalize the teachings on a deeper level and make them a part of who you are.

This program is designed for women and will teach the psychology behind the male mind. It will teach you to become much more likable by men and have then become obsessed with you. The Monogamy Junkie guide teaches you the secrets of how a guy’s mind works and what he really wants. Chances are he doesn’t even know it himself, or just can’t bring himself to ask out of some macho pride or manly stubbornness. It’s the ultimate guide for a woman looking to understand how men work and how you need to treat them in order to make them stay loyal. Make Him A Monogamy Junkie program teaches you about the chemistry of love. The man’s mind is described and explained in detail for women to learn. Make Him A Monogamy Junkie program also teaches the secrets to making him infatuate on you – to the extent of leaving him no choice than sticking with you forever. You will learn how to decode a male’s mindset. This book will make you understand them without having to ask what is going on their minds. You’ll also learn several techniques to making him like and love you. Finally, you’ll also learn about some of the romantic ideas you might not have come across.Make Him A Monogamy Junkie

Make Him A Monogamy Junkie

When you purchase the Make Him A Monogamy Junkie program, you’ll get a list of done-for-you scripts that are really easy to use. In addition, Gloria Lee divided her main guide into different chapters for easier application of her methods. In addition to the main guide, it is also important to note that there are 4 special bonuses offered by Gloria Lee as part of her Make Him A Monogamy Junkie course. Overall, if you try to find a step-by-step guide that contains powerful methods which will help you make your guy desire you and allow you to build healthy long-lasting relationship with him, then “Make Him A Monogamy Junkie” is a course that you should definitely consider trying.

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Admitting that you are stupid at every turn is a trick to shirk responsibility. The adults do it by themselves, don't accidentally teach them to the children. After all, achievements are counted when they are done by themselves.

One day at a friend's house, I was instructing her children to write homework.

The little boy suddenly said a word.

"No way, I'm just'stupid'," he said.

I was shocked, how could a primary school student say such mature words and say that he is stupid! Who taught him?

I quickly stopped him.

"How can you say that!"

I don't even want to repeat the word "stupid" to him again. I hope this kid won't think about it again in the future.

"Uncle has known you for so long, I'm pretty sure you are one of the kids with the highest IQ I have ever seen!"

I was very afraid that he would really lose confidence, so I gave the children a lot of praise in one breath──

"So, you have to be more confident, do you know that you are actually good?"

While talking and thinking in my heart, it must be the child's parents. Usually, he often says his son is stupid. A child has great potential. When you say he is stupid every day, he will really give up.

However, more subversive things will happen.

"However, after you have said so much, I still feel stupid," the kid continued, "Uncle, please, I can't figure it out, please tell me the answer quickly, okay?"

I smiled blankly.

I found that this little guy didn't really think he was "stupid", he actually used "stupid" as an excuse.

Here comes the interesting thing, the little boy’s mother, brought things in for us to eat. Seeing that I taught her child so seriously, she thanked me in a grateful tone.

"Oh, I don't know anything by myself, little girl, you know, it's very'stupid', I know nothing!" The mother said, "Look, leave it to you, everything is OK, I will My son's homework will trouble you!"

I almost laughed.

I also confirm that their mother and son claim to be "stupid". The real meaning behind it is not to ask for advice in an humbly manner, but to teach the children. Since childhood, they have made up their minds to "shirk responsibility" and want others to help, because they are "stupid". "You don't have to do it all.

I think it’s a pity, because the mother obviously wanted to train her child to be a very good person in the future. Unexpectedly, she taught her son to "pretend to be stupid" unknowingly. It was terrible. Stupid", looking for someone as a thug everywhere to handle all his affairs.

Moreover, this kind of "pretend to be stupid and actually dent others" is not only in this place, but also often happens in the workplace.

The person who said he "no" looks so humble on the surface.

In fact, he is not being humble, he is "another purpose". Don't think that he is "open-heartedly asking for advice", in fact, he is really damaging you.

Also pay attention in the future. If someone comes over and tells you that she is "very weak" and he is not good at it, she seems to be incapable of doing anything, so she has to learn more.

She is really stupid, as stupid as a Disney tortoise or other animals, and looks humble, but in fact she "has another conspiracy."

I often say that I am innocent and kind, and definitely not innocent or kind.

People who often call themselves a rectum and speak straightforwardly are definitely not rectal, nor can they speak straightforwardly.

In the same way, people who often say they are stupid are definitely not stupid!

It is a trick to shirk responsibility to admit that you are stupid at every turn. Adults can do this by themselves, and don’t accidentally teach them to children. After all, achievements, no matter how big or small, can only be counted if you make them yourself. It's all farts. Wang Xiaobo said: "My life is very long, I have to be with interesting people." So everyone tries to make themselves look interesting, because "fun" has almost become the highest evaluation of a person.

But what to do, I seem to be born a boring person.

Sometimes I go to bed late, sometimes sleep in bed, eat regularly every day, often eat chicken curry rice, not because of how delicious it is, but because it is not too expensive and it is a bit delicious. I have a few close friends, a family with a good atmosphere, and travel to a place every year. Others sang on the stage with their guitars. Sometimes I went to watch them, and sometimes I didn't. On weekends, I spent time in the library watching the ramshackle cover of Camus. Later, I went to see Wang Xiaobo, Feng Tang and Gao Xiaosong. I borrowed Da Bing's book to read, and I felt more boring.

In the book, they walked the world with guitar and alcohol, and met different girls in the mountains and plains. Some people carried a thousand yuan in Xiamen, and some people sold straw sandals made by old farmers in Shaanxi at high prices in Europe. I went to Palau to dive, to Antarctica to celebrate the New Year, or from a small city to a big city for many years, I finally met 30,000 or 40,000 interesting friends.

I watched with enthusiasm. I almost wanted to leave everything behind and start from scratch. The first step was to call home: "Mom, let's go to Kathmandu or Reykjavik for the New Year. ?"

But thinking about it, I suddenly realized that I prefer the refrigerator at home during the Chinese New Year than in Iceland. Fish, meat, vegetables, and dumplings were all placed in the local area. On New Year’s Eve, the family sat in the brightly lit living room, eating melon seeds and watching the Spring Festival Gala.

Maybe sometimes we can’t leave everything to travel around the world idealistically, maybe those poets who are always wandering have stories in their hearts that we can’t bear, they may walk down in circles, or think that the noodle restaurant downstairs in childhood has the most spicy sauce good to eat.

A person on Douban said that life is not only a poetic distant place, but more importantly, how to stay away. Life is not only alcohol guitars and girls, but also mother's wrinkles, father's white hair and mourning. Actually feel cruel and pertinent.

Some time ago, a movie called "Little Forest" blasted the circle of friends and was divided into four episodes: spring, summer, autumn and winter. There is no plot, just a girl who grows vegetables, cooks, and eats by herself, and sometimes invites friends to eat. She went out to work when it was sunny, bake bread and make jam at home when it rained, and rarely even went out of Komori Village.

Everyone watched them patiently and calmly for more than four hours, and even wanted to watch it again. Tomatoes, light rain and wind, pots, wooden spoons and glass jars, these mediocre things look like this, they are also a little cute and beautiful. So it's just being boring forever.

A few days ago, my friend A Xiao suddenly asked me: "I knit a few pairs of gloves and send you a pair?"

Then sent me the picture. The dark green thread-knitted gloves are placed on her tablecloth. They are not very delicate, but they have a homely warm atmosphere. Suddenly happy and envious. Envious that she can always have such a happy life.

In fact, she is not the kind of fun, she studies and works in a proper manner, marries a college classmate, and sometimes travels, and she can see a piece of calico in Phoenix for a long time. But I still like her life.

Living in the sunny hills and traveling once a year should not be considered far away. But she will wear a nice dress, take pictures seriously, wash it out and hang it on a wall.

She also doesn't know how to write poems, but she will slowly learn to make good fruit wine. Spread a linen tablecloth during lunch and pour out a little to drink, and the mood will be melodious.

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