Major Classification Of The Fascinating World Of Pearls

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Do you know that most of the pearls are not really the creations of nature? Discovering natural pearls from the depths of ocean water is not that easy as it may seem. With the declining flow of natural pearls into the market, people are not left with many options except creating cultured or fake pearls. If you want to dig deep into the beautiful world of pearls, then this article has everything that you’re looking for.

How to determine the authenticity of pearls?

To know the answer to this question, you must initially be familiar with the various types of pearls that are available at your disposal. Primarily, pearls are classified into five categories. Almost every pearl belongs to one or other of these categories.

Let’s learn about the different types of pearls today! Are you ready? Here it is:

Natural pearls: Natural pearls occur within the shell of a living organism, mollusk. It leads to formation of perpetual blankets of nacre which grow pretty much like onion skins encircling the particle. You’ll be amazed to know that pearls come in fascinating shapes. The shape of natural pearls is largely influenced by the shape of the shell in which it is formed.These pearls are one of the most sought gemstones in the market which make them expensive. Generally, natural pearls are subject to sell on the basis of weight per carat.

Cultured pearls: Similar to natural pearls, cultured pearls occur inside the shell of a mollusk. The only difference between the two of them is that the latter is a result of human efforts and interruption. Interestingly, an object is placed inside the mouth of the shell with careful and gentle hands. Different sized objects are inserted inside the shell based on the shape that you desire your  pearl to take. As the days pass by, the artificial object gets covered with skins of nacre. There’re a few factors that influence the deepness of the nacre layering such as the species of mollusk engaged, the water in which the living organism thrives, and the duration for which the intruder is allowed to stay before it is actually picked. ‘The more the width of the nacre, the more fine quality of cultured pearl emerges’ believes the established gemstone bead wholesalers.
Saltwater pearls: Have you heard about saltwater pearls? Saltwater pearls emerge out of the shell of mollusk that dwells in saltwater. These pearls can fall into natural or cultured pearl category or both.

Freshwater pearls: Mostly, freshwater pearls are cultured pearls. These kinds of pearls thrive inside the shells of a freshwater mollusk. Usually the freshwater mollusk can be found either in a river or a freshwater lake.

Fake pearls: It is not that hard to differentiate between real Wholesale Gemstone Beads and fake pearls. Generally, fake pearls are made up of plastic or layered glass. Plastic pearls are too easily identifiable as they are vulnerable to chipping and cracking. Also, they do not possess the same smoothness as the real pearls. On the hard other, the texture and appearance of glass pearls make it difficult to segregate them from cultured as well as natural pearls.

Classification of pearls on the basis of shape:

Spherical pearls: It is a common belief that the more round the shape of the pearl, the more costly it gets. Spherical pearls are one of the Wholesale Gemstone Beads that are in constant demand.

Symmetrical pearls: Like spherical pearls, symmetrical pearls are not round in shape. These are in fact pearls resembling the shape of a pear. Some pearls which form clear symmetry from side to side also fall into the category of symmetrical pearls.

Baroque pearls: These pearls do not have a definite formation or structure. You can find beautiful natural baroque pearls in antique pieces of jewellery. If you’re looking for pocket-friendly pearls, these pearls are designed for you. Grab them immediately from the gemstone bead wholesalers.
Hope, you found the world of pearl fascinating. For any queries or suggestions, feel free to connect with us!

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