Maang Tikka - A True Beacon Of Beauty

by Namarta B. Digital Marketing Specialist
Indian jewellery is one of a kind and everyone right from Bollywood to Hollywood knows this. Bride And Prejudice was not the first movie that made Indian dangling earrings designs and maang tikkas a staple in Hollywood. Why do you think that stars like Beyonce or Madonna or even Victoria Beckham sport Indian jewellery so frequently on their Red Carpet appearances or covers of leading magazines? It is because Indian jewellery is symbolic of one of the oldest cultures man has ever known.

In India earring designs, maang tikka, bracelets and bangles, anklets and nose rings et cetera are not just pieces of jewellery or accessories that a woman uses to adorn herself. Each one of these pieces have a significance and a story behind it. In our country precious metals are considered auspicious and every single one of them has a distinct appeal and importance in our traditional wedding ceremonies. Same goes for the various stones and gems, diamonds and rubies and emeralds that embellish these ornaments.

All of these are supposed to create an impact on the wearer and their life partner. Maang tikka and several other related accessories are an essential part of the Solah Singaar that an Indian woman does when she gets ready for her wedding. Solah Singaar is the name given to the 16 traditional bridal ornaments that an Indian bride wears on her big day.

The maang tikka is one of them and it especially holds a very special place in a married woman's life because it is said that the pendant of this accessory sits on the agya chakra which is a spot located on the bride's forehead. It is the seat of preservation and signifies the holy union of two souls. This shows that the bride and groom have unified not just physically but emotionally and spiritually as well.

3 Most Popular Ways To Wear The Maang Tikka

The Traditional Exposed Brand

You can see this design and manner of sporting the maang tikka across the wedding party. The bride, her friends and sisters, and nearly every other girl or woman attending the wedding can be seen with the same style of wearing the maang tikka. The strand of the tikka is attached to the middle of the head and the dangling pendant rests on the forehead of the female making her look absolutely regal.

The Side Maang Tikka

This is possible if you have a multi stranded maang tikka which can be attached to both sides of your head making it appear a bit tilted or stuck to one side of your head regardless of the hair partition you have made.

Two Timing With Your Maang Tikka

Yes, this is a very unique trend and a lot of girls seem to be following this as we speak. Why wear one maang tikka when you can get two of them? It doesn't matter what the placement of the two pieces is or how far apart or close to each other, you want to keep them or what size you pick of each one of them, this is going to give the bride and extremely royal look. A maang tikka when worn right can actually make you feel like a princess.

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