Looking to buy a wireless CCTV camera? Do check this first.

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No matter how secure your place it, the loopholes can always be there. And to deal with them, having a full-proof security system is the first thing you would need. But like everyone else, you read about crime every day online, and it seems that about half the time a security camera is used to identify and arrest the suspect. To be safe, it is recommended to select a security camera for your home.

You spend months researching security cameras on web. You bought and tried several models, all designed to be accessed over the Internet, ranging from the cheap ones you can buy at Target to the high-end variety.

Most security cameras and their software aren’t built with computer security in mind. None of the vendors could provide me with a clear understanding of code reviews and penetration testing. In fact, most of my security inquiries were met with befuddlement. Often I was called back by someone days later who either did not know the answers to my questions or said yes to everything I asked so often, you knew they were not telling the truth.

Google-hack your camera

Do some Google searches on the wireless CCTV camera in Dubai you’re considering. You might be surprised by what you find. Most security cameras run on no default ports that are well documented and known by attackers. It allows them to scan the Internet, look for those ports to find the cameras, and then use their tricks to exploit your devices.

Do ensure that you change the password needed to access and/or configure your security cameras or administrative console. Google-hacking security cameras that failed to change the default password are easy to spot. In fact, entire websites are dedicated to helping would-be intruders’ access security cameras using default passwords.

Most security camera consoles allowed people to connect using insecure connection methods. Ask if your wireless CCTV camera in Dubai supports TLS-enabled or other secure connection methods. If not, look for another brand.

It’s primarily the glass

Many low-end cameras work great up to distances of 10 to 20 feet, but fail miserably at distances beyond 30 to 40 feet. By contrast, most high-end cameras are able to accurately capture people at 75 to 100 feet, often in HD or near HD. Video clarity will cost you, but when you’re showing your video or pictures to law enforcement, the clearer the better.

Features to look for

Not surprisingly, the more you spend, the better the quality and the more features you get. Of the higher-end features, I’d put night vision at the top – after all, crimes have a tendency to occur after dark. Motion detection is also desirable, but make sure you can adjust the sensitivity and narrow the range of the scan. You don’t want legitimate moving objects such as windblown plants generating false positives. If you can properly tune the system, you may also want it to send a text message to your phone when motion is detected.

You'll also want the ability to save video and/or pictures externally (great for law enforcement purposes). Also, if a crime is caught on camera, the ability to play back video at high speed will help you find the event, and slo-mo will help you determine exactly what happened. Finally, higher-end models come with a separate DVR to record video, which is a good idea if you plan to keep your wireless CCTV camera in Dubai running all the time.

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