Learn Where Artificial Intelligence Is Used Nowadays

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

Are machines taking over our lives, well, if not completely, but still they are slowly paving their way. Did you ever think about machines letting you know what time is your flight and at what time you should sleep, how about a machine that will work as you command? All this has moved out from reel life to real life and it's all because of Artificial Intellect developers who are coming up with new machines and technologies. Despite all such developments, we can say that AI is still at an infancy stage, and we are expecting it to grow in the future. There is going to be a higher demand for Artificial Intelligence experts. 

When we talk about AI developments, then it's not just about creating fundamental technologies that can create a difference, but at the same time, it has also transformed the education sector. You can now find specialized AI certificate courses which are not only designed for the beginners but also for working professionals. All this is a result of the way our world is transforming and the way we need this technology. So, if you are a tech geek and looking forward to making a good career, then Artificial Intelligence certification is the right move that you can make.

On the related note, it becomes essential to understand what are the different fields of application of AI. 

Exploring AI use cases in our everyday life :

Self-driving cars- Now this is a dream come true for those who don't know how to drive. We are not talking about some sci-fi film; rather, we are discussing how AI has brought the concept of autonomous driving cars into reality. This AI-enabled car comprehends the surroundings and based on it, the car moves. In addition to this, AI-based face recognition and the biometric system helps the system to analyse human faces and drive safely.

Chatbots – If we are talking about the use of AI, then we cannot miss talking about chatbots. These programmed chatting tools that you can find on LinkedIn, Facebook and other websites. As per the 2017 study, around 45% of people preferred chatbots as a primary mode of communication. These chatbots work as your assistant and help in resolving customer queries. With this, you would be able to resolve your customer query at any time of the day.

Automated warehousing and supply chain management – Another gift of Artificial Intelligence Developer is the automated warehousing and supply chain management system. This system helps in managing inventory and supply systems. This system is helping the e-commerce industry to work more efficiently. 

AI in the healthcare sector- Another popular sector where we have seen active use of AI in the healthcare sector where the data is used to predict diseases and prepare the right course of action. 

Examples of AI:

Now that we have discussed the use cases of AI let's take some examples into consideration. 

  1. Alexa and Siri: These automate voice-assistance systems helps the user to simplify their task. 

  2. Facebook feed: This is yet another gift of Artificial Intelligence experts which helps in pushing the content related to our preferences higher.

  3. Netflix- This has become one of the most used portals for online streaming of entertainment. While using this platform, you would have often come across the term, "movies you may like" this is nothing, but one of the applications of AI. Based on your previous search results, Netflix produces a list of preferred movies that you would like.

  4. AI Autopilot- AI autopilots that we see in commercial airlines is one of the early use cases of AI technology. This dates back to 1914. As per the report of the New York Times states that the average flight of a Boeing plane involves 7 minutes of human-steering flight which is usually restricted to take-off and landing. 

  5. Snapchat- Yes, this is yet another example of the use of AI. Snapchat has facial filters Lenses. This filter tracks the facial movement of the user to add an animated effect or digital mask and adjust as per your face. 

  6. Recommendation- Whether you are using an online portal for shopping or watching films or listening to music, with the help of AI, the system makes the right recommendation based on your preferences.

The future- 

A technology that evolved in 1940, it's only recently that AI has become so popular. In fact, it has also emerged as a popular career option. Many companies now have in-house Artificial Intelligence training programs. This program aims to provide an AI certification course which helps in providing complete knowledge on AI to the learner. Global Tech Council provides AI certification courses and Artificial Intelligence training. The aim of this training is to prepare to predict Artificial Intelligence expert.GTC offers a separate certification course for Artificial Intelligence expert and Artificial Intelligence developer. Both these courses are comprehensive courses which have complete insight into AI and its application.

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