Learn the Stages of Manufacturing that Make 7 STAR TMT Steel Bars the Best-In-Class

by Shri Rathi Group TMT Steel Bar Manufacturer

Capturing the pure essence of technology advancement and state-of-the-art innovation, steel TMT bars have emerged to be a major boon for the construction industry. The new generation of high-strength and top resistant thermo mechanically treated steel bars have emerged to be a favorite when it comes to modern-day infrastructure development and irrespective of the scale of the projects, these reinforcement solutions enhance the endurance, durability and longevity of every type of an RCC structure.            

TMT Steel Bars are named after the process of manufacturing that makes them the most resilient, durable and exceptionally strong steel rods available. Developed by the Thermo Mechanically Treatment processes, the best TMT saria in Gwalior as manufactured by 7 STAR Shri Rathi Group have a soft inner core with a hardened outer surface enabling an ideal mix of strength and flexibility.           

The highlights of TMT Steel manufacturing process resulting in the strongest and highly resistant steel rebars             

A number of steps fundamental to the Thermo Mechanical Treatment process of steel bars manufacturing define the strength and longevity of these bars which imparts ideal benefits of durability, endurance, tensile strength and corrosion resistance to structures of all types and sizes.         

Here are the three definitive stages of manufacture of TMT Steel Bars as followed by the top saria brand in Gwalior -           

§  Iron ore processing stage  

Raw iron when processed is used for making steel. Steel manufacturing primary begins with the extraction, processing and mixing of iron ore to suffice the requisite conditions necessary for TMT Steel manufacturing. The iron content is enhanced by the process of beneficiation and this also results in purification of the iron ore.  

§  Steel conversion from iron ore    

The second stage in production of Thermo-mechanically Treated steel involves the conversion of iron ore into steel. The combination of oxygen with carbon in the iron ore eliminates carbon dioxide from the mixture. In order to refine the composition under-processed steel, it is passed through an Electric Arc Furnace (EAF).      

The next step involves casting of steel rods by flowing molten steel directly from the EAF to a continuous casting machine. Subsequent passage of the rods through water-cooled molds results in solid rod shape formation.         

§  Thermo Mechanical Treatment    

The final stage involves the characteristic process that imparts these rods their name, the Thermo Mechanical Treatment stage. This state-of-the-art process subjects the steel rods to three specific heat treatment stages and 7 STAR Shri Rathi Group as the top saria brand in Gwalior fulfills international quality standards to ensure peak strength and durability for the TMT Steel Rebars.      

Thermo Mechanical Treatment is carried out in three stages -      

-        Quenching   

In order to prevent undesirable changes in the properties of cast steel rods, a rapid cooling system performs the quenching processes which results in Martensite formation on the outer layers.  

-        Self-Tempering      

Further tempering of the Martensite results from cooling down of the steel bars. The subsequent transfer of heat flux from the inner core to the outer surface results in rings of Martensite and Bainite formed on the outer rod surface dure to tempering. This enables a higher yield strength of the steel rods.     

-        Atmospheric Cooling       

The atmospheric colling of the inner core temperatures makes the steel rods weldable and tensile.   

The unmatched performance of best TMT saria in Gwalior is a result of innovative and cutting-edge TEMPCORE processes for manufacture of TMT Steel as enabled by 7 STAR Shri Rathi Group, the top saria brand in Gwalior.       

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