Learn, how to optimize Magento On-Site SEO Factors?

by Simon Walker Magento Analyst, SEO Experts

Optimization of On-Site Factors of Magento Store is very important in eCommerce, if your on-site factors in not optimize mean you are out of the game

If you want to compete with the competitors in such a highly competitive market you have to follow the steps to learn how to compete with the competitors

Optimization of on-site factors will help to stand out in Google search engine, as well as user experience, will be improved and that’s what Google wants from you will give reward boost in your sales, Organic traffic, Rank up your site

If your e-Store is not optimized means open a shop in the area which no one can visit, Here we go learn how to optimize SEO Factors of Magento Store

Loading Speed

Loading speed for each site counts is the main factor; make sure that your site is responsive and loading in less time

Any site which is taking too long means no traffic, if no one can visit means no sales. Then why you have an e-store?

So you fist you have to reduce your site loading time to improve user experience, give user chance to look it in your site that what they looking for

How to optimize the loading time

  • Minify Html
  • Minify CSS
  • Minify JavaScript
  • Minify Images
  • Clear Cache
  • Improve Server Response Time
  • Optimize your Images (Images should be less 60KB)

You can optimize your site loading speed by doing the mentioned task properly

eCommerce website have 100+ pages with different categories and have Content which maybe affect your site speed, So use images and other Media with less

· =

Tags Optimization

Optimize Tags like Meta Tags, Meta Title, Meta Short Description, and Alt Text Image

  • Your Title should be in H1 with Standard length of 60 Char
  • Optimize subheading with H2 and
  • Write a meaningful and optimize Meta Short Description with Stand Length recommend by Google 155-160

Alt Text Image optimization means to give a proper name to an Image focus to include your keywords

·        Alt Text Image optimization means give proper name to an Image focus to include your keywords

Note: You need keywords first for the optimization of Meta, For Rank Brain (Google search / Rank algorithm) Meta matters the most to improve your site visibility in search engine

Keyword Placement

Placement of the keywords as another challenge for Non-Technical, So make sure that you Meta and Content have well placement of the keywords

  • Include Keywords in URL
  • Include Keywords in your META
  • Kw should be placed in the first 2 lines of website content

Note: You have to do it for each Product and for Page

But the question is how you can do for eCommerce site / e-Store / Magento Store you need Magento 2 Extensions for this to make things easy for you

Magento 2 SEO Extension

Magento 2 SEO Toolkit which is design to do all task for you, and has a bundle of outstanding features that are auto active once your configure or installed

Magento 2 SEO will help to reduce search engine optimization workload and cost of your online marketing campaign

Extensions provide you 7 powerful tools that automate your SEO to improve your search engine result

  • Auto-create SEO Meta Title, Description & Keywords
  • Generate SEO Optimized Alt Tags for Product Images
  • Build XML & HTML Sitemaps for Store
  • Add Extended Google Rich Snippet Tags
  • Handle Content Language Duplicates with Hreflang Tags
  • Add No Index No Follow Tags to Any Page
  • Add Canonical Tags to Prevent Duplication

 Auto-create SEO Meta Title, Description & Keywords

SEO Extension allow you to automatically generate Meta Tags for each product and Page

Generate SEO Optimized Meta Title, Description, and Keywords as well as the option to generate short and long description

Generate SEO Optimized Alt Tags for Product Images

With Image Alt Tags tool, you can create SEO optimized Alt Attribute of your product images to increase relevancy of your image content on search engines.

Build XML & HTML Sitemaps for Store

HTML and XML Sitemap Pro is another powerful extension included in this toolbox that enables you to generate both HTML & XML sitemaps of your Magento 2 store

Add Extended Google Rich Snippet Tags

To increase your website’s click-through-rate (CTR), this extension displays additional information with your search link on Google search results to captivate your customers.

Handle Content Language Duplicates with Hreflang Tags

Hreflang tags a highly useful extension for your multi-lingual stores to rank your web pages based on the regional and linguistic differences of target customers. This helps you optimize your multi-lingual store with your sales strategy so you get higher sales from the target audience.

Add No Index No Follow Tags to Any Page

To deal with your indexing status of individual pages, No-Index No-Follow Tags gives your store the ability to control web crawlers’ access your different webpages. You can add NoIndex / NoFollow Tags to Products, Categories, and CMS Pages.

Add Canonical Tags to Prevent Duplication

With our Magento 2 SEO Extension, you can add canonical tags to a different store, pages to improve relevancy, communicate the relationship between multiple pages and categories, and remove duplicate content issues on your web pages. You can canonicalize products, categories, CMS pages, and custom URLs as well.

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