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The concrete test is necessary to assess the variations of quality of concrete being supplied. In the case of cement concrete, selection and mixing of the right ingredient in right quantity into practical miracles. The grey coloured fine powder cement and its mix has witnessed the human struggle and success in winning over a landscape, sacred rivers, appealing oceans, and stubborn mountains.

Skyscrapers are a perfect example of this mysterious mix. The good infrastructure of building, roads, dams, and highways largely depend on flawless construction. In the similar ways structural engineers design and develop modern buildings, bridges, dams, etc. for which soil inspection plays a vital role in understanding the physical properties of soil and the rock beneath.

This kind of soil inspection is required to assure a strong and durable structure for the proposed construction work above the soil. And for the same soil testing equipment Online play a very important role. Today, there is no need for a user to wander anywhere because you can easily shop for slump cone, rapid moisture, cube mould, aggregate, liquid limit, sieves (G.I. & Brass), compression testing machine( digital & manual), Vicat needle apparatus, rebound hammer, and more useful apparatus on one of the extensively searched shopping stores Bellstone Online at a highly competitive cost in India.

Let us here learn more about not only cement testing apparatus online but also soil testing apparatus online made available at comparative cost by the international brands like Bellstone and more:

  • Cube Mould
The moulds for the specimen must be made of cast iron or cast steel. The inside faces must be machine plane. The cube mould used for damage-free concrete cube removal is prepared in two halves. Each mould has a base, which is a separate metal plate preferably fastened to the mould by clamping or springs.

  • Liquid limit
It is the content of moisture and objective of the liquid limit test is to discover the relation between blow numbers and water content; to make a specimen of soil on the basis of the given specification, and to know the liquid limit.

  • Rebound hammer
Rebound hammer test is a non-destructive testing method of concrete which provides a convenient and rapid indication of the compressive strength of the concrete. The rebound hammer is also called as Schmidt hammer that consists of a spring controlled mass that slides on a plunger within a tabular housing.

  • Slump Cone
Concrete slump test or slump cone test is to determine the workability or consistency of concrete mix prepared at the laboratory or the construction site during the progress of the work. Concrete slump test is carried out from batch to batch Inorder to find the unvarying superiority of concrete while any kind of construction work, a concrete slump test is done using slump cone and other instruments.

  • Vicat needle apparatus
The equipment is used to discover find out uniformity, preliminary setting period, and the concluding set interval of the useful cement. A Vicat needle apparatus is used by the certified laboratories to measure the cement quality with great ease. The process is hassle-free.

  • Sieves
There are many uses of a sieve when we have to make use of sieve for the separation of more than one matter from another by shaking it genteelly. It is commonly used to extract solid materials from different types of liquid.

  • Rapid moisture meter
The instrument is used to determine the moisture content quickly in fresh sand and moulding sand. One should always clean the instrument after use. Do not keep the absorbent compound exposed to the atmosphere. Keep the entire instrument in the box and close the box after the required tests.

  • Aggregate Sieves
Aggregate means a whole formed by combining several separate elements. An aggregate sieve is used for sieve analysis. The quality and the size are decided by the percentage of the meshes to linear measurements in a sieve. The maximum number of meshes, the better is the aggregate sieve. It helps in testing cement elements and quality.

  • Sieves shaker
The effectiveness of any sieve shaker is related to characteristics of the material being sieve tested. The minimum size to be separated the resistance to agglomeration, and static electric factors influence the selection of a sieve shaker.

  • Compression testing machine (CTM)

A compression testing machine (CTM) is available for digital and manual use. It is used for compression testing which is a very common testing method. It is used to determine the force of compressions or crush-resistance of a measurable material and the capability of the element to find after a quantified force are made applicable. The break detection of testing results can be established on the kind of a material used to measure using compression testing machine.

Thus, each of the apparatus or equipment used for soil or cement testing has its own unlimited importance, uses, features, and is available at an affordable cost.

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