Latest Trends of Software Testing World in 2019!

by Jessica Cyrus QA Engineer - Nexsoftsys
Software testing is one of those fields which are constantly evolving. There is something new happening in the world of testing every now and then. And, industry experts are even expecting a lot of existing and useful things to happen in 2019 as well. There is a lot that is expected to be introduced which will stun the world. Starting from the hype surrounding the implementation of Artificial Intelligence to its actual application, there is plenty to be seen in the world of testing. Automation with AI is going to be one of the main features to look for. At the same time, there are plenty of challenges and developments which would be handled in 2019 as well. The worldwide spending by and on IT is expected to touch the £2.9 trillion in the year 2019. Thus, software testing is going to be in great demand. 

Latest Trends in Software Testing

As we have seen that people’s interest in the Internet of Things is increasing rapidly, hence, IoT is going to be a tough nut to crack. Also, the tremendously increased use of various devices like tablets, smart watches, mobile phones, etc. will make IoT testing all the more important. This is just one trend that is expected, apart from this also, there are various new things expected in the world of software testing as well. 

Listed below are a few of the top trends to look for:

  • DevOps is here to stay 
Many people believe that DevOps came, left its impact and left. But, that’s actually not the reality as DevOps is here to stay for long. It is a proven fact that DevOps streamlined the wearisome software development process. It made the complete process smooth following. Facilitation via Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery is made possible by DevOps. Basically, it is known to allow the software testing experts to carry on the tests during the development stage. 


At the same time, it also supports the software testers in analyzing the performance of the app. Also, if a tester wishes to review the functionality all through the development process, it is possible through DevOps. With the help of DevOps, testers collaborate automation, test designs as well as the test cases. Also, it is done to verify the modifications done in coding. All this is done without hampering the product at all during the development phase. Therefore, we can expect more use of DevOps in 2019. 

  • Software Performance Engineering is going to be in demand 
SPE is about using the necessary performance approximations as well as the latest tactics to make sure that the complete system is all set to perform extremely well. It is done to avoid any crashing or failures later. Also, software performance testing is all about pre-defined directions and ideas. However, the core focus area is to serve the purpose with the finest results. It is regarded as one of the most streamlined, scalable and useful approaches of testing as, it aims at various aspects like architecture, design as well as the application of the existing strategies.

  • Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence 
Any discussion about latest tech developments is incomplete without the mention of AI and machine learning. In software testing also, AI is expected to bring a revolution. Both of these latest technologies will allow the firms to revamp testing into a self-generating and self-running process. However, when it comes to its adoption, there are a few obstacles which are being tackled. AI will definitely make the complete process of software development a lot faster and efficient. Testing architectures will be smarter as they will be designed for several application changes. We will see more use of smart analytics, both for significant decisions as well as for quality predictions. Also, soon we may see AI-powered bots to be used for various software testing purposes by all Test Automation Services Providers. Don’t you think that will speed up the process? 

Listed above are a few of the expected trends in 2019. Software testing is a buzzing industry. There is something new which is being introduced in the software testing world every now and then. Thus, we can clearly expect a lot of new features, tools, programs, and integration, etc. in 2019 as well. 

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