Latest Google Algorithm: How does it affect your SEO campaign?

by Alice Martin Software Developer

A couple of weeks ago I wrote a post on how your SEO campaign needs to keep up with changes and how it is important to be on top of all the SEO updates as Google sometimes updates its algorithm. The good news is that Google has also been trying to improve the reliability of its algorithm or make it so it is less susceptible to seasonal changes, such as the Easter holidays.

Recently Google released a new update, the Google Update API. It is supposed to allow us, website owners, and business owners to ask Google for the specific algorithm updates and then uses this API to improve our SEO campaigns.

Google Search Console has been working on an algorithm ranking factor and this is supposed to work together with the updated update API to allow you to improve your SEO campaign, in particular your local search campaigns, whilst knowing which version of the algorithm is most relevant to your website and the specific language or region it is operating in.

There is a caveat, you won’t be able to go and find out what version of the algorithm your Google PageRank is currently using in your local region. This update is specific to that region.

It also means that, for example, if you can find the last update which changes the overall ranking score of Google's algorithmic testing, you would be able to see if this new update has changed the score and therefore which version of the algorithm your page is currently using.

For example, in July of this year, the update was changed from a C to a D, so you would be able to see that in Google Search Console, but not in Google's algorithm itself.

Basically, it is for you to be on top of this change and the update API and make sure you are using the latest updates to your website’s SEO campaign to make the most of it and make sure your brand gets the best visibility.


This new update is going to be really interesting for small business owners who are working on a low budget.

While it is still a Google update and doesn’t mean your business or brand will suddenly rank, it will mean you will get an instant boost, in particular local searches, as this update is for local searches.

The update makes use of the Google Update API, which means you can find out which version of the algorithm your specific location or site is currently using. You will then be able to see if this update has improved your SEO campaign and how.

Using the updated Google algorithm is going to be a game-changer. To get expert advice for your SEO campaign, consult a digital marketing firm for your assistance.

Going forward it is going to be really interesting to see how this update has impacted search trends and SEO in the UK.

So, basically, every update somehow benefits the SEO campaigns and it increases your organic reach but any major core Algorithm update, for example - “MEDIC” will closely crawl websites related to health and in that case, if you manage a website of that category, you may end up getting penalized for various factors of ranking. 

Read more about BERT- a deep learning algorithm related to natural language processing.

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