Last Mile Delivery IoT Solutions Empower Smart City Development

by Concox Garin Marketing Manager

China's online food delivery and express delivery industry is developing rapidly. The size of the food delivery market is maintaining a double-digit expansion rate every year. The size of the food delivery market in 2018 has exceeded 240 billion. In 2019, the overall market size will exceed 280 billion yuan. Enter a stable development period. The business volume of express delivery services has totaled 50.71 billion pieces, a year-on-year increase of 26.6%. The business income has accumulated 603.84 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 21.8%. The express delivery business has ranked first in the world for five consecutive years.

The competition in China's first- and second-tier cities is becoming more and more fierce. The express delivery and food delivery industries are accelerating the transformation of the industry. The food delivery industry has added the strategic layout of third- and fourth-tier cities and new retail. Large express delivery companies have also transformed into integrated logistics companies.

The rapid development of the industry, while bringing convenience to users, has also brought tremendous pressure on last-mile-delivery (express, food delivery) enterprises and urban traffic management.

1. The market demand is increasing, the cost of distribution personnel is continuously increasing, and enterprises need to continuously optimize distribution efficiency to reduce the overall cost.

2. The safety awareness of the delivery personnel is weak, and traffic accidents and illegal driving events occur frequently.

3. The degree of integration is low, real-time location (distribution status) information sharing, development capability and strength are not enough, users can not accurately understand the real-time delivery status.

5 current problems you should know

Difficulties in supervision and enforcement: The country's 300 million electric vehicles are on the road. The cost of supervision and enforcement for speeding, retrograde, and blushing is too high, and there is no effective and feasible solution.

Annual inspection and maintenance of vehicles: After the vehicle is put into use, the vehicle itself will be damaged due to daily use, affecting the safe driving of the vehicle, and at the same time maintaining the civilized image of the vehicle, and the vehicle damage can be found and repaired in time.

Safe charging and replacement: For electric vehicles, battery charging and switching safety accidents occur repeatedly, causing serious safety hazards in the city.

No standard license management: From the vehicle leaving the factory, on the insurance, to the courier company to receive the vehicle, the rider is bound, there is no perfect license management process, and the source of the vehicle cannot be controlled.

The rider and driver's license management is not perfect: the rider uses the vehicle without training, can not follow the traffic rules, and causes human factors traffic accidents.

Concox last-mile delivery IoT solutions for smart city

What can we do:

① License: Production and licensing establish the link between the express company and the depot, so that the vehicle capacity distribution, approval, and production line card full process management.

② driving training: driver's license and training rich training materials and test process settings, a comprehensive test evaluation system.

③ law enforcement: traffic police law enforcement supervision based on Beidou high-precision positioning, to achieve intelligent vehicle online monitoring, including speeding, forbidden, illegal, and illegal records, track playback.

④ Charging: Safe charging is strictly controlled by safety, certified charging piles, changing cabinet system, real-time monitoring of charging and discharging status, eliminating battery accidents.

Annual inspection: Traffic police law enforcement supervision to achieve the postal administration, express delivery associations, express delivery companies, insurance companies can only annual inspection task process, to achieve annual inspection task assignment, implementation, reporting, review.

What makes it stand out:

High precision, quality change leads to intelligence 

High-precision positioning equipment combined with cloud algorithms, combined with maps depicting speeding, retrograde, forbidden, forbidden, and red light determination areas, accurately calculating violations; partition implementation, gradual coverage, prioritizing platform-based supervision of illegal activities from key areas such as main roads Gradually cover more scenes and implement control shocks; intelligent judgment, sub-meter error positioning, illegal behavior determination accuracy priority, good judgment, through the massive data accumulation screening problem vehicles or fleets, starting from management companies.

Professional development and application of vehicle networking technology to help vehicles become smarter

Self-induction start, the vehicle is more intelligent: based on the development of a highly sensitive communication chip, the vehicle is installed into an authorized area by installing an IoT intelligent terminal, and the vehicle is automatically disarmed. The younger brother leaves the authorized area and automatically defends.

Abnormal reminder, safer driving: the terminal can sense the state of the vehicle and the driving behavior of the rider in real-time. When the vehicle is abnormal, such as Overspeed, illegal, fatigue driving and sharp turn, the terminal will prompt the rider to follow the rules in the form of voice. Pay attention to driving safety.

The real-time planning of the delivery route is more efficient: the background will optimize and plan the rider's delivery route in real-time according to the rider's real-time vehicle position and the destination of the delivery, maximizing the distribution efficiency.

Develop intelligent equipment based on Beidou high-precision positioning to help urban traffic enforcement

Intelligent core technology for city express delivery and take-away vehicles: online monitoring, integration of Internet of Things and sensor technology to realize real-time online terminal, efficient and full-process management; introduction of Beidou high-precision positioning technology to ensure law enforcement credibility and increase management credibility; Behavioral supervision of the background intelligent identification, reducing management difficulty.

Full process online exam training and rider score management intelligent system

The rider's driving test on the road full-cycle process management: from reference training, examination to the issuance of the license, combined with intelligent law enforcement deduction points to stop, to learn again to get on the road, the whole process of automation, intelligent.

Cloud + police force law enforcement management system, docking police service on-site law enforcement

Manage police personnel on the cloud, as well as illegal record inquiries and check; terminal docking on-site law enforcement.

Support handheld terminals (police service APP, mobile APP) to confirm the inquiry of vehicles and personnel, open bills for violations, record violation details and upload photos.

Vehicle Online Monitoring and Command Center

Monitor the vehicle location map high-definition high-definition distribution to view the vehicle status, speed, affiliated express company, violation status, detailed address, etc. to query the vehicle historical trajectory, and playback all the vehicle's driving path trajectory according to the time period, thus playing the illegal track playback, combined with the cloud The platform collects the vehicle trajectory in real-time, and the technical vehicle violates the rules and records, realizing the traffic violation manual or automatic deduction.

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