How Does Smart Logistics Solve the Problem of Current Fleet Management?

by Concox Garin Marketing Manager

With the development of global navigation technology, real-time tracking and remote control of moving targets under the existing technical conditions have been practically applied. In particular, the GSM of global communication means and the GIS of the Geographic Information System (GPS) ensure that people can monitor the entire target of the mobile target on a global scale. How to give full play to the advantages and characteristics of GPS technology applied to the logistics transportation command management work has gradually become an important research direction to improve the management level and operational efficiency of modern logistics enterprises.

Development of the logistics industry

Logistics is defined as the process by which a physical entity passes from the owner to the buyer. When human beings began to exchange goods, in fact, logistics activities have already followed. The logistics industry generally believes that it originated during World War II, the United States distribution and transportation of military supplies activities. After the war, Japan took the lead in developing a logistics system in economic activities. Subsequently, the United States and Europe also quickly realized the great role of the logistics industry in the economic field and encouraged and promoted the improvement of the logistics industry. Especially in the context of economic globalization, the logistics industry has faced more and better development opportunities. With the emergence of its various development advantages and the development of high-tech industries and financial industries as a pillar industry under the new economic system and a strong driving force.

The development of China's logistics industry started late, but it has optimistic development prospects. Since the reform and opening up, the state has attached great importance to and supported the logistics industry. With the improvement of China's infrastructure construction capacity, the development of economy and science and technology. The internal economy and market environment required for the development of the logistics industry are also becoming more and more perfect.

Concox Smart logistics solution

Comprehensive monitoring

The real-time transportation monitoring equipment developed by GPS technology can track the GPS-equipped vehicles in real-time. Recording from the equipment management center on the map. Monitoring the operation of the vehicle. Save the real-time location information on the device server through the form of intuitive operation record information. storage. Logistics companies can clearly grasp the real-time operation of the vehicle, the completion of the task and the route selection.

Logistics monitoring

The management system can use a multi-window information display to monitor the usage information of the GPS-equipped vehicle in real-time and can call the relevant information of the running route of the vehicle for comprehensive performance management of the later performance summary evaluation. The dispatch management department can make real-time call communication based on vehicle operation information at any time to combine vehicle operation management and management and promote the efficiency of logistics operation with modern scientific management. Through the recording of transportation vehicle operation information, it can prevent the driver from speeding and fatigue work: ensuring the safety of personnel and vehicle property: through the recording of the vehicle route, it can also analyze and sort out the best operation route: improve the transportation of logistics enterprises. Management level; in the event of a traffic accident: the monitoring center can accurately grasp the situation by monitoring the recorded location information to reduce accident losses.

Logistics inquiry

The GPS query function can be used to intuitively obtain the detailed location information of the transportation vehicle, as well as the direction of travel, speed and other information from the electronic map, and also record the route, departure time, and task completion. The computer program can be used to compare the real-time running information of the vehicle with the preset information, and timely deal with the problem of the driving line time so that the management personnel can accurately and timely understand the transportation task situation. In logistics and transportation, vehicles carrying dangerous goods can be equipped with additional monitoring devices. Managers can obtain more transportation information to ensure the safety of the transportation process and ensure the arrival of goods on time.

Overall command

In logistics management, it is often necessary to inform the owner of the shipment status and location. And to update the arrival time in real-time, it is necessary to carry out overall management and overall dispatching of the transportation vehicles of the logistics enterprises. The monitoring center can grasp the overall situation of the vehicle and implement dynamic optimization management of all resources in the logistics enterprise to improve the transportation efficiency of the vehicle, reduce the cost of the logistics enterprise, and enhance the competitiveness of the enterprise.

Full navigation

GPS positioning technology can provide detailed navigation information for transport vehicle drivers. In the unfamiliar roads of drivers, especially in large cities with complex traffic, it can avoid driving route errors and provide drivers with optimal path solutions to improve transportation. Efficiency. Saves on transportation costs.

Emergency assistance

If the transportation vehicle encounters an emergency such as a robbery traffic accident on the way, the driver can use the management system to contact the emergency assistance center in time to analyze the severity and geographical location information. At the same time, it sends an alarm to the logistics management center and provides the management center with the user information and the situation of the accident.

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