Lasik Eye Surgery Or Contact Lenses. What Is The Difference

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Trying to figure out if Lasik treatment is the best option to correct your vision is not something you should take lightly. Obviously, you don’t expect to enjoy the process, but it is also not as stressful as it is made out to be. With countless information out there, opting for Lasik treatment in Dubai should be a smoother and clearer process. However, things are not very clear. So many people end up trudging through volumes of data and getting turned off by it in the end. Eventually, many stick to wearing contact lenses and miss out on having accurate and clear vision.

It doesn’t have to be this way. It is time to bust the myths that have been at the forefront of the information cycle and arm yourself with first class facts.

Did you know contact lenses pose a bigger risk to the health of your eyes?

Contact lenses can cause irritation and eye infection which can in turn lead to blindness. Eye infection resulting from contact lenses can be found in 1 in 500 wearers every year. Serious eye infection is mostly caused by not following proper care of contact lenses.

Unsurprisingly, one of the major causes of these infections is placing a finger on the contact lens, which is known to happen frequently amongst users. In addition, dry eye syndrome can increase when sufficient oxygen does not enter the eye. This is a problem commonly seen amongst people who work at computers several hours of the day. Lasik treatment, on the other hand, doesn’t cause so many risks or complications. In fact, overall it is a simple and non-invasive surgery. And in the case of minor complication, which is exactly at 0.1%, an expert surgeon can correct it.

When it comes to leading an active lifestyle, contact lenses may be more effective than glasses; however, they will still limit your options. For instance, water related activities and sports are off the table for contact lens wearers. Lasik treatment in Dubai will not restrict your lifestyle in any way. You will have clear and precise vision and can engage and enjoy whatever activities you like. Many sports people or athletes opt for Lasik treatment solely on rectifying their vision for the love of the game.

Lasik treatment is more affordable than contact lenses. Think about the cost of daily disposable lenses? Now spread that cost over the years you have already been a contact lens wearer or plan to wear them? Eventually, you will realize it costs more than having laser eye surgery itself. This along with the host of other benefits that make Lasik treatment in Dubai one of the most effective and permanent solutions to correct poor vision, should be something you consider to be right at the top of your list

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