Laser Printer Repairing & Troubleshooting Cycle

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Troubleshooting any device is an activity of science. It is easy and complex at the same time. Getting success in troubleshooting depends on a logical and thorough troubleshooting approach. The right type of approach starts with right type of equipment and with some luck.        

In this article, we will show you how to evaluate and determine all the printer problems, technical glitches, and present series of printer service guidelines. These guidelines can make your work super easy. You can read this article and get the full help but if not then you can contact HP Printer Repair Houston or call on +1(877) 894-5316 toll free number.

The four-laser printer service & troubleshooting cycle is mentioned below:

Time to take a look -

·         Describe the laser printers’ symptoms

·         Categorize and isolate printer parts

·         Repair or replace parts

·         Retest the laser printer

It doesn’t matter how complex your printer circuits or system are these four steps are enough to do reliable troubleshooting of your printer.

 If you haven’t solved the issue yet, you can begin now. You don’t have to worry about anything as this method is universal and reliable.

STEP 1: Check the laser printer’s symptoms -

After sometime every laser printer either stop working or break down. The problem may be as simple as sticky gear or it can be complicated as an internal extensive electronic failure.  Still, before you open the toolbox, you have to be sure about your printer’s symptoms. So, the first step is to look out for the symptoms in your printer.

If your printer is new then you must check whether the computer is set up properly or not, if you are using right cables or not, or if DIP switches are set up correctly or not.

And, if you have used your laser printer for a while then check whether you cleaned it up for some time or you either lubricated or not. By understanding your printer’s symptoms, you will find it easier to solve it.

Observe, check and write down all the symptoms whatever you see, smell, hear or anything else which looks symphonic.  A written record will help you in staying focused on the task more appropriately.

STEP 2: Identify and isolate laser printer parts -

After you verified the symptoms of your laser printer, using this second step you can easily isolate the affected laser printer parts by removing its communication cables. Just to be sure you can check your cables and laser printer parts with other computers as well.

After connecting your printer to another computer check whether your printer is exhibiting same issue or not. If the same issues persist then sure there is problem in the printer.

Now, you can proceed with specific procedure for its troubleshooting. And, in case errors doesn’t persist in another computer then there is a high chance that there is some issue in your computer, software configuration, DIP switch setting or printer driver or interconnecting cables.

The other way is to try connecting your computer to a different printer. If printer driver works properly on existing system then it verifies that there is some issue with the computer, software configuration, or cables.

 You can check for the computer communication interface software settings if your printer fails to work on your system.

Once, you have identified your machine issue, you can contact HP Printer Repair in Houston or call on +1(877) 894-5316 toll free number.

STEP 3: Repair or replace laser printer parts -

All laser printer parts are divided as components and sub assemblies.

Component is a smallest part you can work with. Some of the examples are - Rollers, solenoids, gears, motors, and integrated circuits, etc.

Whereas, sub assemblies are a combination of various individual components. They are more expensive as compared to components.

By contacting a expert technician you can easily resolve issues present in the components and sub assemblies of your printer.

A quick advice: Make sure to take picture of every part so that you can easily assemble it again. You can also make a video for the same purpose.

STEP 4: Re-testing the laser printer -

When the repairing is fully complete you must check it before connecting it to a computer. You must run a thorough check. If it’s working well then, your issue is solved.

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