Know Whether Printer Repair Is Worth It or Not?

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It is true that printers make our work easy and help us finishing our task early. But sometimes, printers face some mechanical or technical glitches which can lead to permanent disability of the printer. Thus, repairing it on time is necessary and that’s a constant.

It is a good idea but not every time! Yes, you heard it right!

It’s not always a good idea to take your printer for repairing because sometimes the printer repairing in Alabama cost three times the price of buying a new printer. For example – It’s a wise choice to spend $100 to fix your one month old printer, but it’s not wise to pay $500 for your old printer.

But the question is, how will you decide when it’s worth to go for repair for your printer?

1.     Know your Cost-per-Page/Print is increasing or not? -

When you buy a new printer, manufacturer always mention the CPP numbers on their printers (depends on the price of ink or toner available for that printer.). And, if the cost of printing a page is fluctuating or let’s say increasing then you must check the current cost per page by following the below written steps:

First step is to check that how much you pay per cartridge.

Second step is to check the page yield of the cartridge (you can check the cartridge packaging.).

Now, you have to apply this formula mentioned below:

Cost of cartridge / Cartridge page yield = Cost-per-print (CPP)

After applying the above formulae, if you notice that your CPP is rising rapidly, then you have to first switch to compatible cartridges to save money. If the cost keep on increasing then you must retire your old printer and bought a new one.

2.     High Printer Repair in Alabama Cost and Difficulty -

Whenever warranty period ends for any electronic device the repairing and maintenance of that device becomes costly with time and difficult to maintain. Same goes with the printer, because the repair and maintenance costs which were covered under warranty will o0nly add up to your bill over time. Though, some parts are replaceable at low cost but not all of them. Also, with every advancement in printer technology it is quite possible that you will not be able to find their old parts. Thus, you must go and bought a new one.

3.     Manufacturer support has expired

It is quite possible that old printers might not get the latest technology advancement such as updated software drivers. In some cases, these old printers need to be connected to a system running the operating system, which is old and can reduce the network security as well. Also, manufacturers support can be in various forms such as - repair and warranty, knowledge base articles, setup guides and documentation, and firmware upgrades.

Thus, it’s high time for you to change your printer.

If you want to contact the printer repair Alabama to check the repair cost, you can contact them through +1(877) 894-5316 toll free number.

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