Know These Top 5 Asthma Management Tips

by Ayur Vedic Ayurvedic Treatments

Asthma management is not that easy. The growth in this vicious disease is a threatful sign for human beings. If expert interventions neglected in the initial phase of asthma then the outcomes can be severe. It is very common to find the symptoms of this inflammatory disease in children. It is very hard to identify signs when your cough and cold had turned into a chronic condition. So how to take control over its severities?

Spending the life under encumberment of this serious health issue can be disheartening. Especially when you hear this for your little child. It is a challenging task to find appropriate asthma medications. Apart from anti-inflammatory agents and short-term steroids, everyone needs to find a persistent way to beat chronic asthma. We have discussed these top 5 tips to get quick-relief as well as to improve the condition.

1. Know the Triggers

It is important to acknowledge certain asthma triggers. A pulmonary expert can only prescribe good asthma medications when you help him by avoiding exposure to irritants. In an emergency case, your understanding with the condition might help you in choosing the right routes. These are a few triggers of asthma –

·         Dust Mites

·         Tobacco smoke

·         Some specific foods (wheat, eggs, nuts, fish, etc.)

·         Pets (if you have allergy with pets or their fur)

·         Insects

·         Pollution

·         Stress

Each patient can have a different level of asthma thus the effect of said triggers can be varied. It is mandatory to figure out these exacerbating elements.

2. Be always prepared

Proper preparation always helps in fighting and winning the situation. If your doctor had prescribed you inhalers or other drugs to tackle asthma, it is important to take them with you. It becomes more crucial to have extra refills of rescue inhalers. The time when you participate in a game or tend to meet a polluted place, it becomes necessary to be prepared with preventives.

3. Follow the treatment strictly

The quote is the most basic thing that we heard throughout our childhood. But when we enter into the age of between 40 and 50, the advice again becomes the same. The professionals of critical diseases often recommend sticking with the treatment that they allocate to patients. Yes, asthma management involves the fact that you need to take medicines as directed by your physician.

4. See an asthma specialist regularly

The smart way to defend you from chronic asthma is to see a specialist doctor regularly. The frequent appraisals of the condition help in controlling any flare-ups. Whenever you encounter a stressful condition, tough wheezing or breath shortness, it is necessary to share the experience with a professional.

5. Do Physical Activities or Yoga

A well-balanced exercising routine can increase your immune energy. You may have had experienced difficulty while performing some exercises previously like chest tightening and shortness of breath but there are some safe physical activities that can help you in asthma management. In Ayurveda, there is a special kind of breathing exercise that helps in widening and relaxing airways that are blocked and causing a problem. So it is suggested to spend at least 10 to 15 minutes in doing meditation and involving a light exercise schedule to achieve a good health.

Apart from these tips, you need to make an adequate asthma management plan that involves all the above-mentioned points. Stay away from environment which is complicated. Try to embrace good habits of avoiding contaminated things, daily bathing, and eating healthy fruity foods.

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