Know these Facts Before Starting a Detox

by Rohit Bumrah Writter

There are many fad diets with promise of weight loss, etc. Not all diet plans are beneficial for the body. However, a detox diet simply cleanses the body of unwanted toxins and heavy metals. The initial symptoms of a detox can be unpleasant. Our bodies are constantly exposed to the harmful effects of toxins through food, environment and lifestyle choices. Consider these signs to know if your body needs a detox-

•    Chronic fatigue & stress

•    Headache & brain fog

•    Chronic cold/flu

•    Acne & breakouts

•    Poor gut health

•    Regular intake of junk food, soda, gluten, coffee, alcohol, dairy or refined sugar

•    Cigarette smoking

•    Exposure to toxic air- Smog

•    Excess body weight

•    Lack of energy & vigor

 Here are some health benefits of a detox diet-

• Increased Energy: You experience an energy boost during the period of detox. It results in more stable energy throughout the day. When you eliminate sugar, coffee or alcohol, you’ll not have any energy crashes.

• Healthy Eating Habits: A detox diet can help to reinforce healthy eating patterns. Do not go back to the unhealthy junk after the cleanse. Try to reduce the consumption of refined sugar, soda, refined flour, processed food items from your daily meals. Include fresh fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, wholesome grains like brown rice, quinoa, millet, etc.

• Reduce Unhealthy Cravings: When you are on a detox, you might crave sugar or carbs. If you stick to the detox plan, sugar and carb cravings will reduce considerably. Include healthier carbs like brown rice, quinoa, oatmeal, etc. You can make quick stir fry veggies and serve it with healthy brown rice recipes.

• Weight Loss: Detoxing aids in long-term weight loss. To fast track on your weight loss goals, combine it with regular exercise. You must consume plenty of water to keep your body hydrated. When you eliminate sodium-rich junk food, the body starts shedding actual weight.

• Improved Immune System:

Detoxing helps your body to absorb nutrients faster. Include certain herbs like mint, parsley and dandelion in your meals. You can make a detox lemonade with lemon, ginger, and mint.

• Clearer Skin: If your skin is prone to acne breakouts, a detox can help to clear up your skin. You can take a sauna treatment to sweat out toxins from clogged pores. However, during the detox process you might get few breakouts which will clear up eventually. Detox also helps in slowing the natural aging process of the skin.

• Clears Brain Fog: Brain fog can result in a state of confusion due to poor nutrition and diet. A diet rich in anti-oxidants, essential vitamins and minerals is best for the optimum functioning of the brain. When you remove the dopamine-inducing foods like coffee, chocolate, bread, cake, alcohol, your brain functions at its best.

If you are taking any medication, consult your doctor before starting a cleanse. You can take health supplements during the period. The ultimate goal of a detox is not to starve your body, but to cleanse, renew and heal it.

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