Know The Biggest Notable Difference Between AI VS Machine Learning

by Robert Smith Technology Expert

The technological buzz around the world is incomplete without AI and ML. Both of these technologies have revolutionized the world. When we talk about machine learning and artificial intelligence, many people associate it with some high tech work, but these technologies have made their way into our daily lives. Whether we talk about the voice assistant system or the infotainment system of our car, even our coffee machines now perform as per our will, and all this possible because of the development of AI and ML. Although most of us tend to use these words interchangeably, these are different. In this blog, we are going to discuss the difference between these two technologies.

Why AI and ML?

As the popularity of both these technologies continues to lure the individuals who are planning to make a career in this field, there are a number of artificial intelligence certification courses and machine learning certification programs that have emerged. These can be pursued full-time, or you can also opt for an online machine learning certification and AI certification program. 

You must be wondering how is it possible that despite the pandemic and when many people are under the apprehension of losing their job, how is AI and ML skills soaring to new heights. Well, we have got some data to clear the air. As per McKinsey's report published in 2017, it predicted that workers in the US would be replaced by Automation by 2030. In fact, Microsoft has also started to promote AI software that can work similar to that of a journalist on the field. Well, this is just one of the few developments. 

As per Gartner's study, 30% of the B2B companies will be focusing on hiring  AI to boost their sales process. Also, IDC predicts that 75% of commercial apps will start using AI by 2021. With such a whopping increase, these companies would be looking forward to firing an individual who has expertise in this domain. And hence the need for AI and ML experts arises. Hence, more and more individuals are now targeting pursuing artificial intelligence certification courses and machine learning certification courses. But, it's important to understand how AI is different from ML. If I have to define it in simple words, then we can say that ML is the subset of AI. Let's explore the difference in-depth:

Artificial Intelligence

  • It works towards improving the probability of success

  • It is a program that works as a computer that performs smart work

  • Artificial Intelligence aims promoting natural intelligence to solve complex issues

  • It promotes decision making process

  • AI works on developing a system that mimics human when it comes to responding to a certain situation

  • It aims at finding the optimal solution

  • AI leads to wisdom

Machine Learning

  • Machine Learning majorly focuses on enhancing the accuracy of the machine and enables them to work like a human.

  • It ensures that the machine picks up the data and learns from it. Based on its learning the machine performs the work

  • The goal of machine learning is to learn from the data and maximizing the performance of machine with accuracy

  • It works on the system so that it learns new things form the data.

  • It works towards creating self-learning algorithm which eventually makes machine more effective

  • It will find whether the solution is optimal or not

  • ML promotes knowledge

While these are the basic line of difference between the two, both these technologies aim to create software and systems that work towards making the course more beneficial and useful and perform similar to a human being. 

You can find so many uses of these technologies in our lives; one of the commonly encountered examples is a chatbot. These work on AI, and there have been attempts to improvise it such that it works in a more precise manner. 

In the times to come, we will witness some more use of these technologies, which will impact the employment and skill requirements. Hence picking up the machine learning certification and artificial intelligence certification will be a good option. 

Wrapping it up-

From the above information, you would have garnered the basic line of difference between these technologies. To make your learning more profound, it becomes important that you must choose a course that can help you understand the concepts and, at the same time, promote practical learning. Global Tech Council gives you the right learning platform. This industry-oriented program offered by GTC will help you learn about machine learning and artificial intelligence and, at the same time, work on the practical aspects of the same. 

If you wish to make the right move in your career, this is the right time. Enroll yourself for a machine learning course or artificial intelligence course, and give your career the right boost.

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