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by Perfume Booth Marketing Manager
Apart from outfits and makeup, perfume is a very essential part of our everyday routine. It helps us to get notice and smell good all the time. No matter which seasons it is, perfume is an important part of our grooming routine. Yet there are many girls out there who do not use perfumes. They prefer to stick to deodorants or fragrant talcum powders to smell good. All these perfumed products may help you to smell good for a while, but they do not last all day. They have a lasting of about two to three hours most. If it is summer season these perfumed products will not last more than an hour.

To have a fragrance that lasts all day you need a good perfume and a proper way to use it. it takes more than just spraying the perfume all over your body. Here are some of the best perfume tips every girl should know:

Avoid Spraying More Than Once: Never apply more than one spray of perfume on your skin. Girls Perfumes like EDP and EDT have high perfume essence. If applied more it can be annoying for your sensors as well as for others around, you. Whether you are using a light floral perfume or a strong woody one, spray once on your skin. This is more than enough to make you smell good for up to 5 hours. You can freshen up after that with another spray if you feel like it.

Keep More Than Two Perfumes In Vanity: Instead of using one perfume every day, try to switch perfumes every week. Keep at least two to three perfumes on your vanity. This will help in keeping your fragrance fresh and noticeable. You can keep one daytime perfume, one for evening use, and one for special occasions. All these perfumes can also be used for creating a layering effect.

Buy Smaller Size Bottles: If you are new to the perfume world it is better to start with smaller size bottles. This allows you to explore more fragrances and brands. when you buy a full-size perfume bottle of 100 ML it restricts you to one single perfume. Especially for the ones who have a limited budget, buying mini perfumes is affordable.

Many brands supply small perfume bottles all miniature perfume for women in India. You can get one according to the quantity and price you wish for. Popular brands like Colour Me, Scent Shot, and Chris Adams supply mini perfumes.

Moisturise Well Before Spraying: It is a well-known fact that spraying a perfume on dry skin can make it evaporate fast. Perfume molecules are not able to stick to the skin. A higher concentration of alcohol accelerates evaporation. It is better to apply moisturizer before spraying the perfume on the skin. You can use any good moisturizer or go with Vaseline. If you do not wish to apply Vaseline all over your body, apply a small quantity on the skin and spray perfume on it. this will allow the perfume molecules to stick to the skin and evaporate at a slower rate. Apart from this, you can also use non-alcoholic perfumes or oil-based perfumes.

To make sure that all these tips are working properly for you, buy only branded perfumes. They have a higher concentration of essence, making you smell good for hours. Also, using the right perfume for the time of the day and the season can make a lot of difference. If used properly, your perfume can enhance your personality. Buy good perfumes, apply them in the right quantity and freshen up only when needed. Keeping these steps in mind you will never smell bad.

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