Knights Templar rings - Most popular regalia in old and current times

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Freemasonry has a long and interesting history and in the current times, many of its members hold positions of power. This organization has a long list of influential people as its members like George Washington, Henry Ford, and Winston Churchill among others. Masonic regalia also have powerful symbols on each of them. Freemasonry is one of the most exclusive organizations across the world. To become a member of this fraternity, one has to show high caliber emotionally, mentally and intellectually. The chance gained to wear Masonic insignia means that they have surpassed these highest of standards and it is a matter of great pride and honor for them. Considering what Freemasonry represents, it truly shows that is great value and exclusivity in being able to wear these pieces of regalia.

The moment one sees any piece of regalia, they instantly think them as the representation of the Freemasonry and what it preaches. These insignia bear the important symbols, logos and emblems of the organization which represent the history and roots of this organization. People wearing Masonic regalia show that they have shown high excellence in intellectual, moral and emotional capabilities. These regalia are a true representation of what a Freemason really is. Freemasons believe in their brotherhood and they share these items in the form of gifts to the other member of the organization. Apart from the pieces like gloves, ties, badges, cufflinks; members also give seasonal gifts such as wallets, bookmarks, key chains and other similar items to each other. These regalia reflect the greatness of Freemasons and the rich history they are part of. 

The oldest and most popular regalia are the Knights Templar regalia. The Knights Templar requires every member to be a professed Christian, and then only they can wear the Knights Templar regalia pieces. Knights Templar regalia usually are the Knights Templar Rings and classic Templar robes. The robes are long, white or sand colored robes with a red cross on the left shoulder. The emblem of Knights Templar is the Cross and Crown which exemplifies the reward given in heaven after successfully passing the trials in life.  

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