Kinds of LED lighting that can be used in various spaces

by Ronald Bryan Consultant
What do you mean by LED lighting?

LED means light emitting diode. A semiconductor is used to produce light using the process of electroluminescence. As compared to traditional lights, LED lights are more efficient with a longer life. Also these are smaller in size and comparatively better operating temperatures. This essentially means that it can be used in several forms and shapes. 
Some examples of kind of lighting that should be used in each place

When one plans light fixtures Houston for a home; one needs to know what kind of light levels each area of the home needs. One needs to decide on which area needs ambient or general lighting, task lighting (where one needs more light for particular tasks), accent lighting (to highlight particular features) or decorative. Warm white lights are preferred in living rooms and bedrooms; which essentially means LED fixtures of 2700 to 3000 K. Neutral white preferences could do with 3500 to 4000K. 

When it comes to warehouses, one has three choices – HID, fluorescent and LED. But for a warehouse LED light fixtures seem to be the most versatile and efficient choice. LED light fixtures use lesser energy as compare to other sources. They can be purchased as retrofits or as complete new fixtures. They also give a longer life. For warehouses, color temperatures of 4000 K to 5000K are a good choice. This gives out cool white while having a blue tinge which can create productivity. Depending on the kind of layout, two kinds of light distribution kinds would be needed I or V. warehouses which have tall shelving units would need type I. If the floor plan is more open then type V is better. Also the light fixture spacing is equally important. Too close and there would be glares or hot spots. Too far and there would be dark areas. When it comes to such large spaces, vacancy and occupancy sensors would be a good idea to save on energy too. 

Parking areas
LED Parking lot flood lights in Houston help in security and safety. LED lights keep the management of such lots as cheaper, safer and more energy efficient. If the parking area coverage is about 15 to 20 ft then 16000 up to 20000 lumens would be required. If the area coverage is 20 to 30 ft, then 40,000 lumens would be needed. The number of lights to be installed for a pole also needs to be decided. It can be from 2 to 4 for one pole. When you go higher, the LED fixture that is used can be bigger. Also it can be more spaced out. But when you go high you also need to consider code issues as well as wind problems. 

Cross over lighting also reduces shadows and brings in more balance to the lighting. You can also select color. 3000k gives a warm white color which is apt for home or restaurant areas. 4000k is a more natural white which is better for business areas and 5000k is best for larger spaces. 

This article gives attention to the various kinds of specifications that needs to be followed while selecting LED light fixtures for various areas like homes, warehouses or parking areas. 

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