IVF diet: foods to eat and foods to avoid during the treatment

by Samit Sekhar Co-owner @ Gurgaon Fertility Centre

If you are trying to get pregnant by normal procedure or opting for alternative treatments you should follow some regulations as far as your food is concerned. IVF especially is a different process for your body altogether and it requires a diet that must be recommended by a specialist.

IVF is the most popular option and there are centers for female fertility treatment in Gurgaon which can complete the procedure.  If you made up your mind about undergoing this procedure then you should make some changes to your diet.

Foods to Eat

Here is a list of the foods that you should eat during your IVF treatment.

Foods with Zinc

One of the keys to successful reproduction is maintaining your hormone levels in an effective manner. Your ovaries may function erratically if there is an imbalance in your hormones. So if you are having female infertility symptoms and having IVF treatment you should have plenty of zinc included in your diet.

Eat Lots of Carbohydrates

Some people think that including carbohydrates in your diet is a bad choice but it is not always the case. It is not at all bad to consume healthy carbohydrates as part of your dietary process and giving your body all the energy it needs to withstand the strains of your IVF treatment.

Folic Acids

Folic acids are the most essential items during pregnancy and for every woman. Folic acid is an important item for your embryo to stay healthy and free from any disorders. Folic acids are present in numerous foods and can be a part of your diet in cheap and effective ways. The female fertility treatment centre gives folic acid supplements at a cheaper rate.

Food to Avoid

There are also several food items you need to avoid for your treatment.  Some of these are:


This is one item that has the potential to play havoc with your IVF treatment. Sugar burns fast which can cause blood sugar imbalances and levels may fluctuate heavily. Sugar intake can make you feel elated for some time but they cause a load on the liver and produce more insulin to take care of the levels. The body, in turn, develops a resistance to insulin and affecting fertility.

Alcohol & Caffeine

Alcohol is responsible for many ovary dysfunctions and many women have experienced infertility symptoms because of its consumption. There are in vitro fertilization clinic in Gurgaon which can treat alcohol abuse to a great extent. You should also reduce your caffeine and beverage intake significantly for undergoing treatments.

Raw Eggs & Seafood

Raw Eggs contain the salmonella bacteria which causes food poisoning and other diseases. So it’s better to leave these things out during IVF treatment. Raw seafood cause infection and you should keep your seafood intake to a minimum. Avoid fish as much as you can because it contains mercury which causes issues with the fetus.

Most patients while undergoing treatment does everything they can to increase their chances for a successful IVF treatment. Following this basic food will surely be a step in the right direction and help you to stay healthy and happy.

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