‘Isn’t Water Enough To Rinse And Wash Our Produce?’ – Read To Know ‘Why Not?’

by Srishti S. Disinfecting and Sterilization

Have you been aware of how many foodborne outbreaks the world has suffered till today? There were 20 outbreaks caused by ‘produce’ in North America alone. And, for the last 2 years, we have been a blazing witness to coronavirus, although what exactly caused it, is still a matter of debate. The safety measures of all outbreaks are more or less the same, i.e. washing and rinsing your hands and food items thoroughly before use.

Coronavirus has made us stern towards our sanitization habits. From rinsing our hands frequently and for two straight minutes to making sure our produce are sanitized well-enough for cooking and consumption – we have come a long way together.

Now, there are still some who love to put up a question against every single thing on earth, such as – “isn’t water enough to wash our produce?” In light of the fact that coronavirus has not left us yet and scientists are still looking for a breather from their extended-hour research and studies to reach a conclusion in regards to when this pandemic is actually going to be over – washing and rinsing is really important.

To be practical, you don’t put your produce into a boiling pot immediately after buying them from the market, do you? They stay in your refrigerator for a week at least. Meantime, your family uses the refrigerator for uncountable times, unknowingly coming in contact with the unsanitized produce, hence risking their well-being.

Shieldme recommends using Shieldme high-level disinfectant for fruits and vegetables to eliminate a broader range of microorganisms. Shieldme high-level disinfectant for fruits and vegetables is effective against all kinds of pathogens. We all need to be conscious about keeping up a good hygiene habit, and taking extra measures for that is never a bad idea.

Shieldme high-level fruits and vegetables disinfectant needs no special introduction as it’s natural and free of soap, alcohol and chlorine, ensuring that your food nutrients won’t be lost during the rinsing. Washing with Shieldme high-level fruits and vegetable disinfectants also doesn’t leave any strong smell behind. All you have to do is prepare a solution with this disinfectant and soak your fruits and vegetables for 3 minutes or so and rub to clean while they are still dipped in the solution.

Shieldme has been preemptive about offering natural solutions back to the community to help it survive the pandemic amidst all kinds of chemical-infused products and self-interested businesses.

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