Car Wash Using Water vs. Car Wash Without Water: Which is better for the environment?

by Gowater Less Waterless Car Wash Sevice

Water is a priceless resource and we are struggling to meet its demand. However, we haven’t been able to decrease its demand in proportion to the scarcity.

A few initiatives, however, have been taken in this direction. Waterless car washing is one such emerging technology, designed to save water.  

But there is also skepticism around this new method of car washing and its safety. So, are waterless car washes really better for the environment? 

Here’s all you need to know to decide which type of car wash is better for the environment. 

Table of Contents

  • Waterless Car Wash: The Obvious Winner 

  • How does a waterless car wash save water? 

  • Are the chemicals safe? 

Waterless Car Wash: The Obvious Choice 

A waterless car wash, as the name clearly suggests, is a way of car washing without the use of water. 

The mere fact that there is no water wasted, makes a waterless car wash better for the environment. Every single water-based car requires wastes gallons of water. Therefore, a waterless car wash saves gallons of water. 

Moreover, water-based car washing not only consumes a lot of water but also pollutes it. The water that runs off in the drains contains gasoline, oil, exhaust fume residues and harsh detergent. All of these pollutants then enter the water bodies and affect the ecosystem. 

So, waterless car washes are the obvious better choice for the environment. However, there is often some skepticism related to it. Continue reading to know all about waterless car washes and their safety.

How does a waterless car wash save water?

Several people reject the idea of a waterless car wash simply because they consider it impossible to replace water.

But as we now know otherwise, it will be interesting to know what actually replaces water. 

So, a waterless car wash replaces water with a high-lubricity spray. It is actually a chemical solution, engineered to entrap dirt particles. 

So, once applied it entraps the dirt on a car’s surface. Then, as it is wiped off, the dirt is removed along with it.  

Are the chemicals safe?

Chemical-based products have earned a reputation for being harmful. Therefore, a car wash solution is also doubted for its safety.

However, a good quality car washing product will not damage your car at all. You just need to choose a product free from VOCs (Volatile Organic Compounds) and silicone.  

If you take care of these minor details while purchasing a cleaning product, you shall be good to go. 

However, beware of using any regular cloth for wiping the car surface. Only use special microfiber towels. The only possible cause of damage can be the choice of cloth or improper technique.


So, waterless car washes are the obvious better choice for the environment. 

Moreover, waterless car wash solutions are completely safe for your car. So, you can use them without worrying about your car. 

Several waterless car wash service providers like GoWaterless also offer doorstep services. You can choose GoWaterless for quality, hassle-free car washes. 

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