Is More Expensive Shears Better when it comes to Hair cutting?

by Pathlie Lee Business consultant

When you’re shopping for new hair cutting shears, you may be tempted to follow the age-old advice, “You get what you pay for.” After all, you want top quality, so that means top-tier prices too, right?


Not so fast. There are many ways to save on shears and still get a great product for your business or home use. Getting what you pay for in this case means understanding the value of your investment. Here are a few tips for doing just that.




Good sturdy construction is the key to great cutting shears. A pair of shears can be made from the most expensive materials in the world or be as ornate and beautiful as you can imagine, but if it doesn’t cut hair well, it’s basically worthless. Don’t make a poor investment decision based on factors like appearance. Choose a solidly constructed pair of shears that will last you a while and bring good value for your money.


Ease of Sharpening


When you purchase shears, one of the biggest concerns you should have is how often they will need sharpening and how easy it will be to do so. Some more expensive sears claim not to need sharpening as often, but when they are sharpened it takes specialty accessories or a visit to a professional to have the service performed. This can add up to major costs over time, making shears that were already pricey downright outrageous.


You may be better served to look for shears that are easy to sharpen, even if they need sharpening more often. Some shears can even be purchased along with the accessories needed to maintain them, making your overall costs lower when you can bundle and save.




Stainless steel is the best beginner material for cutting shears. You may find shears available in a variety of other materials but the standby for most hairdressers and for at-home maintenance is stainless steel. The sturdy, medium-weight composition of this material makes it perfect for shears and many other applications.


There are times when sharpening and other maintenance services or accessories may cost more than the actual shears themselves. This is especially true when you choose to buy lower-cost, proficient quality shears. In these circumstances, it may be best to replace your hair cutting shears altogether than to continue purchasing maintenance items.


Ultimately, price doesn’t really mean much when it comes to cutting hair beautifully with your shears. With the average haircut ranging from $8-$40 dollars or even more, any pair of shears will quickly help you earn back your investment and see major returns moving forward. As long as they’re sturdy, sharp, and easy to use, they’re worth your investment. The rest is all down to personal preference.


For more information and to get the hair care materials you need for business, hobby, or home use, browse your local hair care retailer. They can help you find the right shears and other materials you need – all at price points that meet your budget.

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