Is Homemade Curd Healthier than Packaged Curd?

by Dollons Food Products Private Limited Advanced Milk & Dairy Processing Plant

Confused between Packaged and Homemade curd? Curds in both of the forms are beneficial for health, but judging them merely based on a comparative analysis would be very sarcastic. If your perspective is convenience, consistency, and high quality, packaged curd from advanced dahi processing plants like Dollon’s will be suitable for you. However, if you want a high volume of probiotics in your diet, you should go with the homemade curd.

This brief article will act as a guide for you to make a proper judgment as to whether you should include packaged or homemade curd in your diet. Various pointers clearly illustrate the difference, now it’s completely up to you to select your preferred one!

If this is one of your priorities, then you should always go for packaged curd. The major reason is convenience with consistency. You will surely receive the same flavor with consistent quality, creaminess, and texture every time you buy a pack of curd. Whereas, when you prepare curd at home, there are various factors related to the type and availability of coagulant, temperature governed by seasonal and weather factors, and storage conditions that can cause a variance in the same.

As far as convenience is concerned, it is very easy to get to your nearest store. But, when you think of preparing the same at home, the process is cumbersome, especially, if you do not have any helping hand at home. Packaged curd is a time-saver if you are stuck in a busy schedule.

Talking about safety, a packaged curd is always safer than a homemade one. The major reason behind this is pasteurization in advanced curd processing plants that kills all types of bacteria and pathogens. At home, you can never undertake pasteurization.

It is true that at home, you have full control over the quality of ingredients, type of milk, and culture that you prefer. But, even if you curdle the best dahi, you don’t have control over controlling the microorganisms. 

Additionally, strict food regulations govern the packaged dahi manufacturing process. This ensures adherence to the most healthy and hygienic process of curd manufacturing. These guidelines are active throughout the supply chain, i.e., from the time it gets packed till the time it reaches you.

In this case, take our guarantee that homemade curd is a richer source of probiotics in comparison to its counterpart. This is because the probiotic content of milk perishes greatly during pasteurization in curd processing plants. But, you can never compromise on safety.

However, talking about nutrients, a packet of dahi has a lot of it. This is because of the process of fortification in curd processing plants. Have a note that when you boil milk at home, it loses all the necessary vitamins due to its sensitivity to heat. During fortification, Vitamin D, B12, Calcium, Protein, Fiber, and Probiotics are added to curd in their natural form. This makes your packaged dahi nutrient-rich which is good for your immunity as well as gut health. 

At home, we normally follow the same traditional methods of curd culture. While at home, we often overlook the pristine health requirements at par with the changing food habits, environment, and ecosystem. It is because we seldom have the time or propensity to learn about the regular and frequent changes.

On this ground, advanced dairy processing plants employ a team of highly knowledgeable and experienced analysts and researchers. This team proactively updates with the ongoing changes and crafts the product likewise. They ensure that its consumption is beneficial and health-reinforcing for the end consumers. Based on findings from the analysis and research, production, quality control, and supply chain mechanism is always evolving.

This fact stands strong only to deliver the safest and healthiest dairy products to consumers.

Ultimately, the choice between packaged curd and homemade curd or dahi depends on personal preferences, convenience, and priorities. The priorities can be cost, quality control, and the desire for a more natural product. If you enjoy the process of making curd at home and want control over ingredients, homemade dahi might be preferable. On the other hand, if convenience, consistency, and consumption safety are more important, packaged curd is the only suitable option.

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