Is an Intuitive Life Coach Right for Your Self-Improvement Goals?

by Taylor Haskings Word Guru Extraordinaire

Is an Intuitive Life Coach Right for Your Self-Improvement Goals?

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If you are dealing with a difficult breakup or feeling stagnant in your career, you may be struggling to find support. Family and friends can provide a shoulder to cry on, but they may not be able to provide objective advice or get at the root of your problems. An intuitive life coach can help you break out of the rut you're in and reach your self-improvement goals. How do you know if a life coach is right for you? Look for these signs.

1. You Need a Better Work-life Balance

Do you come home from work and complain to your family about your boss or co-workers? Do you find yourself checking your work email at night? If you're finding a hard time disconnecting from your job, then you may need some help creating a better work-life balance. An intuitive life coach can help you identify the source of your work stress so that you can develop better time management or organizational skills.

If you need to work on improving your relationship with time, your life coach can help you. Getting a hold of your schedule and developing a system for organizing life will create a feeling of empowerment. When you feel empowered, you'll increase your feelings of confidence!

2. You are Ignoring Your Relationships

Relationships need tending like a garden. If you aren't cultivating your relationships with friends and family, it's time to figure out why. An intuitive life coach can help you see what is holding you back. Do you need to work on your feeling of worthiness? Is comparison stealing the joy from your life? Maybe past relationship failures are haunting you and affecting your present relationships. No matter what the cause, a good life coach will listen empathically and suggest a solution. According to Ladders, a career website, a good life coach is a good listener, intuitive, and empathic.

3. You Feel Spiritually Lost

Whether you grew up in a family with set spiritual beliefs or no spiritual beliefs, it's normal to feel disconnected and spiritually lost at times. When the world is in chaos, it's normal to start asking why things happen. At times like these, it's important to re-ground yourself in what you believe. An intuitive life coach can help you ask those important questions about your beliefs and reconnect with your spiritual side.

4. Your Relationships are Chaotic

If you have a history of bad breakups, it may be a time for a change. Life coaching can help you evaluate past relationships and figure out what went wrong. Your life coach will listen, ask questions and give advice about how to change those patterns. A bad breakup can leave you feeling unworthy, like no one will ever love you again. If you find that a history of bad relationships has left you feeling down about yourself, then it may be time to contact a life coach. If you need to build your self-confidence or increase your sense of worthiness, your life coach can help you change your limiting beliefs.

5. You Have Low Self-esteem

If you have a constant narration of negative talk playing in your head, then you may struggle with low self-esteem. This negative self-talk can prevent you from being happy and reaching your full potential. Negative self-talk is sometimes referred to as "limiting beliefs."

Limiting beliefs are negative thoughts that we repeat to ourselves over and over again that stop us from achieving our true potential. Limiting beliefs include words like "never" or "can't." Common limiting beliefs that hold people back include statements like:

"No one will ever love me."

"I will never lose weight."

"I will never get a promotion."

"I will never find someone to love me."

"I will never be successful."

"If I don't do X, they won't love/accept me."

"I am not good enough just as I am right now."

Your life coach can give you exercises to change your thinking patterns and boost your self-confidence.

6. Your Life is Great!

Life coaching is not just for when your life is in a slump. Even when your life is going well, you may benefit from the services of a life coach. If you are looking to move into a leadership position at work or just clarify your goals, then a life coach can help you move to the next level in life.

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