5 Myths About Moving Your Family

by Taylor Haskings Word Guru Extraordinaire

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If you have recently purchased a new home, then you are probably in the midst of planning a move. If that move is to another state or country, you may also be under a lot of stress to get that move down to a science. 

But, while you cannot expect perfection, you can still do without the common moving myths that may complicate matters. For example, the following five items, which are nothing more than folklore, should be taken with nothing more than a grain of salt:

1. All Moving Boxes are the Same

Not all moving containers and supplies are top quality. So, if you want to protect your valuable possessions, you will need to invest in boxes and supplies that you can trust. Sturdy boxes and expensive adhesive tapes, such as masking or duct tapes, work best to pack and protect your valuables over the long haul.

Plus, you don’t even need to purchase such top-tier boxes. Factories and supermarkets have plenty of strong boxes that they are willing to give away since they will only be broken down and thrown out in their warehouse. These boxes have to be strong since they were once used to ship their products. This is a great, inexpensive way to get the sturdy boxes you require.

2. Your Only Option is to Drive To Your New Home

If you are moving cross-country, especially with children, know that it is so much easier to just fly to your destination and ship your family vehicles where they need to go. It is simple to contact a car shipping service and not have to worry about taking on such an extensive trip. After all, car trips with young children can be a handful, and you will actually save money if you think about all the meals and overnight stops you will have to make along the way.

So, instead of enduring all the associated stress, you can arrive at your new home fully rested and ready to unpack by simply flying to your new home, and letting professionals handle the transport of your home goods.

3. You Don’t Need to Label Boxes

Always remember to organize and label your boxes accordingly. While it may seem like extra work, you will be able to immediately separate your boxes by room and get the right possessions in the right places before unpacking. Write the names of the various rooms on each box, or, if you want to simplify things, color code them.

4. You Must Move Everything at the Same Time

You may think that you only have one particular day to move everything from your current home to your new home, but this really is not feasible in most cases. This is especially true if your change of address happens to be long-distance. Even attempting to conduct a complete move in 24 hours will inevitably compound the usual stress and frustration.

To get around these issues, consider storing larger or more valuable items in an area closer to the new house in advance. This will keep these valuables safe, and also give you less to do on the day you move since you won’t have to worry about moving everything on the same day.

5. Friday is the Best Day for Moving

It may seem that moving on the last day of the workweek is much more convenient since you have the evening and the next two days to get everything settled and unpacked, but it is possibly the worst day to get started.

First of all, since so many people feel as you do, moving companies take advantage of this phenomenon. They become quite busy on Fridays and tend to overcharge for their services as a result. Not to mention, the best companies may be backed up, and you will have to settle for upstarts with less experience that may not do as good of a job.

Even traffic in larger cities can be seriously busy on Friday evening and over the weekend since there are so many more motorists on the roads. That means it can take longer to get the job done. It is better to take some time away from work and ensure that you have a couple of days free during the week to ensure that the roadways are less congested.

In conclusion, you will soon be unpacked and settled into your new home and quite cozy. Why not put these myths to rest so you can ensure that the move and the journey are just as comfortable and stress-free? Pre-planning and researching will keep any surprises to a minimum, and hopefully, your move will go completely as anticipated.

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