In Conversation with the CEO of Middle East’s Leading Digital Agency ‘Glimpse’, Rayan Tarraf

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When the entertainment industry is concerned, Rayan Tarraf is truly a visionary. With his spot-on expertise on social media and strategizing public relations in the entertainment world, he has emerged as a legend. He stands tall and unparalleled with his innovative digital agency, Glimpse. 

Founded in 2017, Glimpse has ascended to the peak of accomplishments in a short span. Rayan and his media-wizard group - who know the nitty and gritty of film, entertainment and social-based media, have won over 17 notorious national and global honors in just two years.

Glimpse proffers its top-notch services in social media management, content creation, digital design, media buying and advertising, video creation just as application and website development, and the incredible thing is all these are done in-house. 

Glimpse has worked with the business's most notable names like Roxy Cinemas, ABS CBN, Gulf Film, Lions Gate, TFC, MGM, Phars Film, Yash Raj, Europacorp, Red Chillies, Eagle Films, Front Row Filmed Entertainment, Comedy Central, and many more. Glimpse is, similarly, trusted by governmental advertising entities. 

Glimpse, besides, has been the mastermind behind several advertising campaigns in the UAE and across the nation, which has likewise won the 'Best Use of Social Media' and Digital Expert of the Year' by the DED and Awards International for brands, for example, Novo Cinemas, Chaumet Arabia, Samsung, and Hyundai MENA, eventually positioning it among the Top 100 marketing organizations in the Middle East. 

Starting his journey as a celebrity publicist, Rayan Tarraf has made a long way in his career. He has strived to make a mark for himself as he was fast decisive, and his examination on the capability of any film and its crowd was staggering. 

Film distributors and film houses, along with film aficionados, depend on his evaluation and ability, as Glimpse made content is hard to dismiss. Tarraf says Glimpse's edge is in telling the partners how entertainment marketing must be done to make success happen. 

Glimpse's young and dynamic CEO converses with reasoning and minces no words in setting up that Glimpse is vital for film distributors on the off chance that they desire to make it big. Rayan's skill is in strategizing and creating content that obliges the entertainment industry in all cases. 

"We see each film that comes in our direction. We debate its film-line, plot, subject, and publicity perspective, and afterward, we make content for the film distributors and cine-goers, in like manner," Rayan explains. 

He proceeds to elucidate that Glimpse is laser-focused to advance entertainment through its social-based media content, short clips, and gifs that fascinate film-goers to settle on an unmistakable decision. 

"We work for the film and guarantee that it is a major success from box office to the feedback of the crowd," says Rayan Tarraf. “Over 400 movies pictures are released each year, and Glimpse indeed plays a crucial role in a moderator between cinema and film distributors. Simultaneously, Glimpse goes about as a conduit for distributors and cinemas to choose when and what to show, and what sort of reaction the release is sure to receive,” he adds. 

This is no little feat, as Glimpse causes the miracle to occur by using every single proficient tool, mastery of its in-house film critics, and the wide canvas on which Rayan and his team vet the possibilities of each upcoming film. "We post trailers and go about as a news agency. Thusly, we took marketing for movies to a more noteworthy level or promotion," the exemplary entrepreneur says. 

Glimpse is trusted by film theater proprietors and film distributors for its near-perfect insights on the choice, taste, and preferences of cinema-goers. "We have information of each cinema-goer and work intently on their choices of pictures, which is the reason we are certain about rating the film as well as how it would do business," says Rayan Tarraf. 

Glimpse is the solitary agency connected with the entertainment world, and it has plans to do market research sooner. 

"Our passion is entertainment, and we promote it with responsibility. We work with each film brand in turn, and with our data analysis and content, take into account all mediums of social media platforms, for example, TV, film, radio, FM, and online media," says Rayan Tarraf. 

Rayan desires to see Glimpse become an unquestionable must- to-rely digital information firm in the entertainment industry, and he truly has the capacity, aptitudes, and acumen to get that going.  However, his exceptional endeavors do not remain to Glimpse alone. With a zeal to empower everyone with the superpower of social media, Rayan Tarraf has authored two best-selling books, "The Middle East Guide to Social Media" and "The Easy Guidebook to Social Media," in 2018 and 2020, respectively. “My inspiration behind these books was to spread the knowledge to businesses across the globe, enabling them to leverage innovation of social media paving their way to success,” he says.

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