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With the deepening of the scientist's research on semiconductor luminescence material, LED gradually improve manufacturing technology and new materials research and development, LED technology has also made a breakthrough in development, and the sale price has been reduced. In the cultivation of plant facilities development, LED technology is increasingly by many researchers. Especially in high brightness LED, successful development in the direction of the plant physiology or cultivated gradually widely use, like light form research and the working mechanism of chlorophyll, photosynthetic process, etc.

1, LED application in plant tissue culture

In plant cells, photosynthetic photon flux density (PPFD), illumination time on plant photosynthesis, and plant shape building have important significance. Plant transformation is the basis of the use of electric light sources, low biological energy caused by traditional electric light sources, system heat dissipating capacity is large, light electricity cost is higher, is one of the high cost of plant seed costs. In plant tissue culture, therefore, the selection of LED light, light source, and control PPFD, not only can control the seed plants in the development of the overall situation and structure, improve the quality of the training rate and increase the cell, but also can reduce the loss of resources, reduce costs.

2, LEDs in horticultural facilities

In recent years, in our country the research development of horticultural facilities quickly, lighting control technology in plant growth have been full of change. Facilities horticulture lighting technology is mainly in two aspects: (1) in the sunshine condition or short sunshine cycle conditions as the light energy plant photosynthesis. Nichols et al. Experimental study on greenhouse and traditional manufacturing illuminant found that the light source itself sends out the excess calories, and then the LED lighting and hydroponic process, air can be recycled appropriately, excess heat and moisture will be reused, making the light energy is converted into effective photosynthetic radiation quickly and efficiently, and finally absorbed by plants. Under the frequency of application LED to 450 ms, vegetables, more than 25% growth rate, photosynthesis, and the results show that the LED can be applied to the cultivated species of plants.(2) to the plant photoperiod, light form structure is induced.

3, the LED is applied to the space ecological system

With the progress of science and technology, the LED application in space ecological systems is step by step. Due to the particularity of the space environment, the light source needs of plant tissue culture in the universe is light energy is high, the waves are accord with the demand of the plant growth, photosynthesis and shape building, light easy to carry, long using time, the safe and stable, and the advantages of no environmental pollution. So, in recent years has LED the application of plant cultivation in space technology development gradually. Experimental analysis, xenon metal halide lamp and LED two lighting systems can provide CELSS requirements of spectral energy distribution and uniform illumination, but with the use of LED lighting system, electric energy utilization rate is five times higher than xenon metal halide lamp. led explosion proof lights

4, the LED is applied to plant facility cultivation prospects

LED to light, easy to carry, long using time, safe and stable, and the advantages of no environmental pollution attract worldwide attention of researchers, especially under the low global energy utilization status quo. Having LEDs used in the direction of the plant facility cultivation should have a big advantage: to display a variety of pure single chromatography and complex spectrum, which are based on a variety of plants in different stages of growth of adopting the combination of the corresponding spectrum have PPFD controllable characteristics, the imitation of sunlight intensity change; Light frequency and duty cycle adjustable features can provide high-frequency interval to light model, is helpful to explore photosynthesis in the Ming period and dark period of control mechanism, greatly improving the efficiency of the energy. best led headlights

LEDs in the direction of plant physiology and plant cultivation and practical research have attracted the attention of researchers around the world. In Russia and the United States, LED by the rapid development of science and technology, not only understand the LED in the regulation of growth and development but also LED the research achievements of extensive practice in plant facility cultivation direction, using the technology to get the corresponding products.NASA research organization of LED lighting as the base and so on closure provide energy in the system of life technology were studied. Russia's closure type LED plant tissue has now entered the production period of study; CCS company production plant growth systems through growth control software control LED lighting, to complete the control of different light qualities; New LED light source seed container also successfully developed "Uni - PACK", improve the survival rate of seed, effective wavelength utilization, and lighting efficiency, reduce the cost of some clone.

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