Improve Sound on Your Android Phone

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Are you one of those who regularly use their Android phone to listen to music or watch movies on it? If yes, there must have been a point when you might have felt that your phone’s speaker isn’t doing justice to the song or the movie. As sad as it is, manufacturers are doing everything to make the smartphones powerful except for their speakers. Till the time that happens, there are a few things that you can do to ensure that your handset delivers improved sound quality and volume. Read on to know what and how.

Ensure That Your Phone’s Speaker Is Placed Correctly

The placement of the phone’s speakers can differ with the brand and its model. You will find some of the phones with their speaker at the bottom, some with front-facing speakers, while others with their speaker at the backside of the bottom. A lot of phones also have their speakers on the sides. So, it is important to locate the exact position of your phone’s speaker. Once you do find the speaker, make sure to place it in such a way that the grills of the speaker aren’t obstructed by anything to ensure the highest possible quality.

Also, it is a good idea to remove your phone case before playing music. As it will ensure that the sound coming out of the phone is not blocked, plus the case might be made up of metals or magnets, which can reduce the sound quality.

Clean the Speakers Carefully

Cleaning your phone’s speakers also ensures improved sound quality. You can use compressed air to blow out dust particles of the grills. A DIY with an old toothbrush will also help you to scoop out dirt particles struck inside the small holes. You must clean the speakers regularly to ensure longevity and perfect sound.

Explore Your Phone’s Sound Settings

Depending upon the manufacturer of your phone, your device might have some advanced audio control features that you haven’t tapped on yet. The latest mobile devices might have additional equalizer features or a Dolby Atmos feature that can be turned on and off. Please know that these features vary highly with the device you own. So, you will have to explore these settings more in-depth on your own.

Get a Volume Booster App

If you want the best possible sound from your phone, then consider installing a volume-boosting app from the Google Play Store. For example, Super Volume Booster. This app is free to download, easy to use, and delivers palpable results. What else can you ask for? Just know the fact that prolonged use of such apps may harm your speakers, so limit its use as much as possible.

Plug in a Pair of Headphones

An obvious method to amp up the sound of music on your phone is to plug in your headphones. The cheapest set of headphones can boost the sound quality of your device, something that speakers with the extra equalizer and volume-boosting apps won’t be able to achieve.

We hope that you can now watch, play or listen with the best quality sound coming out of your phone.

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Source: Improve Sound on Your Android Phone

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